My Winter Calender

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16 girls of  Hope children home in Bhaisepati
 My calendar tells me now, how  I have spent the mid week December and whole month of new year. On January 3rd I was at the Bhaisepaiti where Rasmi Sharma and Anand Shina took care of 15 girls in their own home. All the girls were so beautiful and they looked even more prettier when they  posed for photographs wearing what we give them caps and neck warmers. I have been to this place through Pastor Rajan Neupane. He had recommended me to this place when I asked him, do you know any children home which has about 20 children ?

Children from Hope Family
On January 16, 22 children from Hope family were provided  caps and neck warmers. This children home is on the way to Mulpani, which is near by Sun city apartment that is outside of Pepci Cola town planning. Pastor Rajan Neupane and his wife Indu Neupane takes care of all these children. But their church Grater Grace also has a committee too take some responsibilities concerning these children. 

Chahari Children home from New Baneshwor
On January 23, 11 children from a children home New Baneshor were provided the same. This children home has ten board members but only 11 girls. Most of the children on this home has both parents but they are really poor as they are from remote parts of Nepal. A madam I know for about a year is one of the board member of this children home and she is also an active member. She saw me making some caps and neck warmers and and she asked me to give to her children home also. What she asked, she got. 

Children from Jumla
When I was bit free and the sun was heavy on the Kathmandu sky late weeks of January, my brother asked me over phone can you give me 30 caps for two children homes in Jumla and one in Surkhet. Thank god ! I was in posision to say yes ! As I have been trusted with his money by two nice hearted person by now and I needed somebody to ask me exactly that. so on January 29, 12 sets of caps and neck warmers were sent to a children home in Jumla. I have never been to Jumla but my goods traveled to that place also.

Children From Chiwan which is run by my brother

Before, All this  started, I was in Chitwan for a whole month during dashain and for last week I made a sweater for Prafulla my nephew and then came back with wool to make one more sweater for Arpan another nephew. This started my need to make and then I made lots of caps to sent to Chitwan again for the children home my brother runs in Chitwan. He asked for 8 more so that he can give it to the other children home his friend Prateek runs. 

Children from Chitwan - 2

Children home in Jumla II
He asked and he was given got as I have an itchy hand during winter seasons and all I want to do is knit. I have been able to give all this because my readers from Facebook have responded to give me money so that I can make caps and neck warmers for many children but I did not know I could this all by myself. I would like to thank, Om RoutTek Giri and Bhawana Bhatta for their generous giving which made me possible to do what you are reading here 

This means from the mid December of the last year and the beginning months of this year was pretty busy months for me. I hope the year will end in even better note than its beginning, as my brain is pretty occupied with 1000 woolen blankets for this winter season and a bigger part of my brain is thinking and planning how can I make it possible !
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