I could brag but I won’t

Sunita Giri 11:36 PM |

There was times, when people just judged us, purely because, we grew up in Bal Mandir. There was time it shrieked me badly, until I grew up more to understand the reality behind such judgement.

I know I was in a lot better condition, than those, who were raised by parents in a small family, who misunderstood; the whole scenario that their life was ten times better than our life in Bal Mandir. But I beg to differ to that preconceived notion, because I think I am a lot luckier than them. Today, I know exactly, why I am not envious of what you have and that includes, your parents, siblings, extended family members and your grand parents. This also includes your warm clothes, better food [if any you got it] than us and the better school or college you went. Its purely, because for the following reasons. Here, I don't need your approval for my reasoning; because this is my believe, so next time think twice, when you judge me for my condition and life in Bal Mandir.  Let me count it here :

  1. My parents could not have afforded that big palace, just to raise six of us, with so many rooms and bigger space to play with me or with my friends and that big kitchen garden to grow the vegetables, enough for 200 people. Your parents could not provide you all what I got for granted.  
  2. One of the best thing that ever happened to me during my stay in Bal Mandir was not only after school programs, but all the extra curricular activities, we were allowed to do inside the Bal Mandir. No wonder, I love dancing, singing, knitting, reading, just tell me what I can't do. But thanks to the royals who made sure we learn everything, well almost everything. Having a hobby could cost parents, but thank God, Royals took care of things to train us for all those things and later on I am even more thankful to Bernhard Rutz for letting me to do most of the training, I ever wanted to do. Your parents could not afford to sent you to all those classes, we got almost for free in Bal Mandir.
  3. We had nannies or housemother to spank or scold us, but your have none to do so, therefore, in their absence your parents has to do the same work for you. So sad news. If you have read the research done by some university, it tells you that, children raised by nannies are a lot better [ 10 times better, at least I would like to believe this] because they get spank the children behind their boss back. I agree with this totally after dating a guy raised by parents and he was rich too, who lacked loads of spanking and reprimand from his parents.
  4. There were nannies to clean us, bathe us and do the other stuff for us; whilst your parents had to do all that for you ! that so not fair. It makes me think that, I had more rich lifestyle than you could expect unless you come from the business tycoon or royal family.
  5. There is one children home, where I go bit often. This building is in the center of city, yet it does not have a single fruit tree. What is the use of a building, without fruit trees ? If there is one, we can go steal the fruits to remember our childhoods. There was about ten different fruit trees in Bal Mandir, those trees not only gave us the different taste of fruits during different season, it gave us plenty of childhood memories too. Those who grew up in house without single fruit tree, are ten times poorer and in bad condition than we are.
  6. People who were raised by their parents, knows only of small world and take care of I, me and my family motto. Their horizon is so limited, with handful of their own family members and couple of relatives to worry about. Our world is real big. Get a chance to know all kinds of people from very young age. What a beginning !
  7. Those who grew up in small house also have a way to make us feel small and inferior, just because they have family and we don't have. I am lucky I don't have, otherwise I have to peep in a house and its already finished; with just hand full of rooms to live in for all the family members. I lived in Bal Mandir for fourteen years, and yet, I don't know, how many rooms it has. I know it has more than 100 rooms, but not how many more ? I don't know.
  8. We had three blankets to warm ourselves up during the winter seasons, whereas normal family members use only one or two. One itchy blanket, stayed on top of all the blankets to replace the ‘allergic aunty’ may be.
  9. We grew up wearing all foreign clothes, of course, second hands, but hey who is complaining; and not much local made, until my last couple of years in Bal Mandir. for you to wear all the foreign clothes your parents either has to be really rich or has to work in social organization to steal it, meant for us. It was interesting for me to hear the news that some of those social workers children, who grew up wearing the same felt good about the quality; whereas we should shrink[?] under those clothes. Its really strange.  
  10. Not having parents does not mean end of the world its just the beginning of the understanding that is hidden. Its a freedom to live our life, our way. It does not have to be right way; just my way, because its my life and my rule.

You have nothing that I am envious about; not even your parents or family. No, not even the house you have, not the warm clothes you wear, not the good food you enjoy. What I have is worth bragging for, but I won't do that.

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