Lighter side of a grumpy lady

Sunita Giri 11:14 PM |

Jamuna DIdi was a room nanny, serving in the in children's section, younger than eight years old. She was in the same room for years, with another didi, because young children needed two ladies to take care of, instead of teen’s room which had only one didi to take care of all 18 - 20 girls or boys. She was not the kind of person, who was happy, instead, kind of grumpy looking all the time for unknown reasons. She was ever ready to snap for the things that did not go, as she wished. It was kind of good for her that, she was in the children section not in teenagers room, as a nanny otherwise, same could have initiated many uneasy and unwanted arguments most of the times.

Normally, room nannies did not wore make ups, on their daily work. Even if they put which is the birthright of women to color them and do anything to make himself feel good about, I guess I was just too ignorant to care about it and remember it even today. They wore very natural look and wore dhotis on duty and off duty as they were on 24 hour work. They kept their long hair always braided on. Most of the didis have long hair, that went almost below their hip line.

It sure looks she was in different mood today, no wonder she put makeup, that red lipstick on her lips which highlight her lips extra. She had two long front teeth, which came outside  her lips; without her permission and it was not the good sight. It was bit yellowish in color no not off white color. She was not the beautiful looking lady, in fact her grupy nature, kind of suited her average look. Was she angry with her own look ? I would not know that answer never ever. She was just average looking lady, in her forty may be; but when I was small, I found her bit older than that, about ten to fifteen years older than her real age, perhaps.

Today, when we were studying after evening meal, before bed, which is just half an hour or so late now. But, she was in different mood. Today is not the special day in any way; but she felt it so to do something different; different just to feel good and nothing else.  

So, she put her make up and then lose her regular dress, which is dhoti and then done herself in the extra pair of pants and shirt. She also seem to have a hat to wear on her new dress, just like the foreigners. Back then, it was not the common sight to see an adult lady, wearing a pant and shirt, because that was not the dress; even most affluent people in society choose to wear. As for her long hair, she hide it under her hat and she also found the cane to walk like a man. She looked different, I mean funny. She found it funny too and she was the one who was enjoying her new look than anyone else.

No, wonder she went from room to room to show, new and lighter side of hers to everyone. Our first reaction was to be surprised at first sight of her and then when we recognized her we laughed like crazy. She also did some funny walk and pose and then she used to laugh like crazy bending almost double in her fits of laughter.

Watching her light side of that moment, would have taught us something; but we were just too young to get something out of those moments. It was just a fun moment for us, so much fun we laughed hard and long. And not only laughed hard for that moment, it remained in my mind for long after to look back and reminisce now; and then smile again remembering those funny time I have spent in Bal Mandir.

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