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Sunita Giri 11:56 PM |

When I read the latest book out in market by Hari Bansha Acharya, who is not just much loved comedian of our time, but he is a well respected social reformer too. In his storytelling, I noticed so much familiar tone. His story telling reminded me of my life in Bal Mandir but particularly one of our friend whose name is Junkiri.

His entertaining qualities, which he obtained watching many people around is one of the core part of Bal Mandir and for us Junkiri provided all that entertaining for us that. Junkiri is one of his huge fan and she is as entertaining and time pass for the people around her, as Hari Bansha Acharya. Like him, she has nothing to hide from the people she is close with, and closeness is something has power to force me to think. There are things in everyone's life to hide but she has nothing, nothing to hide. If I like her, I like her for that very quality and if I don't like her, I don't like her for her inability to hide some of the things that happens in her bedroom. Sometimes, I tell her do I really need to know it ? She gives the question damn and don't even pay attention to it, because she has perhaps that much to tell you and she will tell you anyway.

Just like the superstar and multi talented actor, who loves dog, she too is multitalented and a dog lover. She never hesitate to let dogs [including stray when she was in Bal Mandir], to lick her; which almost made me puke. She is so jealous when she sees that her dog loves me more than he feels gratitude to her caring for it, would not hesitate to scold her if she has too.

Like Hari Bansha, Junkiri was least interested in her study and failed so many times in one class but those failing  happened before she appeared S.L.C. unlike his fourth division status repeatedly.  Despite her being in poor in her studies, she was liked by her teachers due to her very likable qualities which she made everyone laugh mostly her wrong pronunciation, she utter without realizing how funny it sounds to others.

Today, I know this for sure, that she was suffering from learning disabilities; I wonder is the comedian is also suffered from the same disabilities ?

Apart from he being so close resemblance to my childhood friends Junkiri, there are so many distinct qualities which is so similar to us with the star comedian, which is so common with the children of Bal Mandir, his strength and flaws are so much like ours.

Like he indulges in self-pity, suffering from low self-esteem, and lack self confidence and don't have anything to hide from the world. those flaws are so much like us because we think we have our birthright in all the negatives in us, but reading his book, only tells me more deeper reality of those strength and weakness.  All his flaws and strength make him so much like one of us.

Just like us, he too felt it ignorant to the good things that was given to us by god to appreciate instead we tended to believe those nannies and housemother who treated us very demeaning and disrespectful manner just because we were orphans.  

There is no doubt, he is an orphan too, but how come an orphan who grew up in family is not much different from the children, who grew up in children home like us ? Therefore this question has power to think me hard. Now, it gives me more reason to dig deeper in behaviour issues, that we see in children who were raised in children home. However it also is force me to think now that its the other people who treat us badly because of the bad situation we ended up instead we acting badly to them because of the bad situation that land us. Bad situation is somewhat taken as a licence by the people around us to treat badly.

Its fine, because we believed those illiterate nannies and dominating housemothers and at times those well educated officer managers too, for whatever they injected in our young minds; but who injected forced perception in his head, like, we should not respect ourselves, take pride in our talents and believe in our true potential  us like others who grew up in family ? How come, he has not overcome with that kind of flawed in thinking, even after seeing such height in his more than 35 years successful careers track ?

In my case, when the guy was dating, know I grew up in Bal Mandir, it sure gave him licence to treat me like second class citizen. Do I have to tell you that what makes him my Ex ? But in his case it was when he had money after selling his house and some some cash in his pocket and one person, called Thapa got the opportunity to swindle him, hoping he can run away with the money. And its more interesting for me to read in the change of behavior in him from then onward. It changed the teen boy into more aggressive, fearless and not respecting anyone regardless of their position and status they enjoyed in society. That was so very much like us and that is our story in Bal Mandir. This is why his story has so familiar narration. He lived almost the same life we lived in Bal Mandir.

But, I must thank the star comedian, for his honest writing, pouring his heart out in it when it comes to share his life story with us. But, more than that; I feel so grateful to tell you, your story made me feel like, my life in Bal Mandir felt like heaven, despite all the ill treatment by nannies, housemothers and office manager sometimes.

At the same time I would like to request the writer to shake off your head from self-pity, low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence.  Its okay, to take pride in your achievements, respect yourself for whatever you have been able to earn in life and have more self-confidence in your future projects, if not for all, then what you have done and achieved in your life, should be sufficient enough to feel new found pride and respect for yourself.

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