Pomelo style Haircut

Sunita Giri 11:19 PM |

I had a very thick hair when I was in school and taking care of it was definitely not in my control. It was so thick that it could not fit in the both hands of Sunder Mana Didi. She was the tallest girl in Bal Mandir. She was beautiful just like her name meant. The good thing of growing up in Bal Mandir was, that if you are less interested to groom yourself or your hair or dress ups, there always used to be another girls who found interest in grooming you. I was the least interested in my grooming part and I let anyone who came to do any kind of styling on my hair.  

My hair, its thickness, its texture and its look has always been the talk of my whole personality,  when I was in my teen and twenties and it sure had dominated my other vertue. People around me verbalized that, it was, one of the best thing in my body. At that time my hair gathered more compliments than other parts of my body or my other achievements.

But during my preteens years it was maybe not the same thing.  In my pre teen years, I always wanted to have a long hair but it was just a distant dream;  I wanted to flaunt my long hair like some girls in my school. I just could not have. But, did I said I, it should have read we, as I was in Bal Mandir so it applied to everyone not just me. Now, as a grown up, I can understand why they used to cut our hair short, it was easy to wash, and maintain.

But then, I was not wise enough to appreciate their decision. Therefore, I hated Indian [?] hazam but more than that I despised the housemother who inspected him and gave him the instructions to cut our hairs. He just followed the instructions.

Hazam - the one who used to cut our hairs - used to look so boring man, who did not enjoy doing his work; yet did it for living and so there was no fun to get our hair cut from them. But who were interested to listen, about what we thought. It was a good chance for them to make easy money. I guess they getting out hair cut meant a week’s day off after that. Most of the boys and girls used to get almost the same haircut as for girls hairstyle we used to say it a pomelo cut.

Our haircut, which happened in about once in every three months or may be earlier, not quite sure about exact time, but, after every  I used to sit in front of mirror, mostly after school and used to pull my hair from front lot. I used to pull out my tongue from the corner of my mouth and then try to touch my hair, but all my efforts used to go in vain.  It used to    make me sad and I used to be almost in tears due to frustration.

Staying in front of mirror and pulling our hair trying to touch with tip of the tongue is just not my story, its the story of every girl who lived in Bal Mandir. If we could touch the tip of hair with our tongue, it meant its okay, we have hair enough long  to be happy and satisfied with its length.

Its not that I had only very thick hair, it sure had lots of head lice too.  Its not just in my head, it was the case with almost every child who used to live in Bal Mandir. It sure was not easy for room nannies [didis] to maintain our long hairs. Especially, if they had about twenty children in a room to take care.

But as we grew older and was old enough to wash ourselves, they did not cut our hair as they wish. Big girls have learned the idea to cut or trim our hair by ourselves. Then a girl named Nirmala had came up with the idea of bending our head down and then another person cutting the V shaped part of the hair that hanged. After that if we stand naturally, we used to have simple yet classy looking hair cut, at least we girls were happy with this haircut than the one we were given by Hazam. Some girls used to get their hair cut from government funded training in beauty parlors.

As for getting scissor to cut hairs we used to borrow it from the room where they used to cut cloths to make dresses for us.  Almost every girls used to work in this department so it was not hard to manage one.

Later on when I could keep my hair long as I wish, and as people requested me to keep it long saying, its so good and looks so good on you, I did not listen to any of them. Forget about making it long, I still don't have habit of letting it down which again gets more compliments. In fact not even when its cold ! Its really strange,I am not doing exactly the reverse way, despite the psychology of doing exactly opposite of what we de-tasted while we have to do as growing up child.   

At least something is in my control; does not this suggest that, I am jealous that my hair gets more compliments than my  look ?

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