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Years before, when I have dropped at the door of my childhood friends, they just had a tea. To make the moment light Sanu offered a solution, by saying; “why not you drink hot water in a glass adding a couple of tea spoon of sugars,  Oh yes ! once you drink it, make sure you chew some tea [dry] also. Trust me, it will get converted in tea - in your stomach- But for that, you have to move your body up and down.  I do remember giving them the devilish look with so much resentment in my mind. But the problem with that devilish look and resentment is that they started laughing like hell. Strange ! the same thing irritated me to the max.

After couple of years later, around 2000, Mr. Bean did this on his TV show; when his ready made cup of coffee was mistakenly hit by his own hand spilling it over the floor before he even got a chance to drink it, I was almost rolling on the floor. After sometime I thought he was not doing anything new or I have not heard about it before but; when I heard it for the first time it was not as funny as his more funny execution of the scenario.

This is the same group of  close knit circle of my friend, who would suggest anyone to clean their itchy throat with rough-tough broom, instead of taking any soothing medicines. Thier logic was rougher the throat tougher the broom to clean it. Again its needless to mention I found those comments not so funny. But when I see same kind of comments on Hindi movies, that do have power to bring smiles on my face. Was that just a sarcastic smile ?  

When I had done small surgery to extract my curved root of molar which was troubling me for some time during my college days. After the surgery with was minor I visited their apartment where Pradeep Dai and used to live with his family and my classmate Sanu also used to live there. After listening me, they declared the doctor ‘foolish’ and ‘stupid’ for extracting my molars with open mouth. They thought, it would have been easier to open my cheeks first and then do the needed operation on. After that, the doctors should have c  sutured my cheeks.

Their idea simply horrified me but they found it out and out funny, and started laughing like crazy as usual.

There are times we just don't know how to respond and react to that kind of news and we are left with one option to stare them in disgust, which I do most of the time and avoid those company for those silly talks. The only problem is, they are already laughing hard with their stupid comments.

Worse when I see the same kind of situation in movies mostly Hindi movie then I find myself laughing. Although the silly thought or joke is no more new to me in so many ways, yet; its so funner second time all the time.  
The question is, how come sometimes we get irritated by someones silly and stupid comments and yet like others for doing the same dialogue with mix of their own style in delivering it. How come they have power to made us roll on the floor ?

Agreed not everyone can be as funny as Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean or sometime we are too unappreciative our friends quality to keep the moment lighter for us ! Besides most of the time comedy  make no sense yet it has power to tickle our funny bones. Just like that.

seek no logic, no rationality and sanity.

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