Damaged Subconscious Mind can this be Repaired ?

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I do remember reading couple of articles where writers; mostly, psychologists believe that people who were raised poorly do have chances of ending their lives in crime world. Some believe inside out of those articles and the the logic put forth by psychologist. There is also preconceived notion people do have in their mind about the people, who were raised in children’s homes, like me ? When I first read one of it, I have to admit it, I believed every bit of it but then  after some time I started doubting that it being superficial instead of in depth knowledge.

Now, I am reading again subconscious mind chapter in the book, think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill and the writer’s believe about how the faith is formed and how much the said  and read words in repetition plays a huge role in forming our faith and confidence is build based the same. Positive thinking will have positive impact and negative thinking will have negative impact in our life. Before that, I have read Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho in his book, The Fourth Dimension about the power of spoken words and how and why it works in our brain. There he has mentioned about a neuroscientist, who revealed that the speech nerve is in the center of our brain; which rules all other nerve cells once the word is ‘received’ by this nerve system. Then, I suddenly understood why those psychologist do have reason to believe what they believed and wrote down on papers. Perhaps that is the reason, when I read it first and was so tempted to believe in it the concept.
Now, suddenly all the negative comments tossed carelessly in our young brain started playing in my mind and if I have totally forgotten then I know for sure that most of the people who came out from the Bal Mandir, sure do not end up in jail or acquainted to the crime world but despite all their education they do not went on to become where our education could have lead us in general.

At one hand I am happy that none of our friends ended up in jail or in the crime world [ at least not to my knowledge] and at the other hand I am wondering, why they did not enjoy the better life despite the good education and all kinds of self help training we were provided in Bal Mandir while growing up ?

Does this has anything to do with all the negative things hurled when we were so young and that was absorbed by our young minds without our consent ? Most of the staff from almost all level talked with us in such disrespectful manner its really hard to understand why they felt so comfortable in doing so as if it was their birthright to treat us like that. So they talked with us without feeling a little bit guilty about it. It took me really long time to understand what they were doing so but not why they were doing. Honestly speaking, I did not know about the words like dignity, self-respect, self-esteem, self-confidence, fragile self-esteem or inferiority complex until I was in college. Those were very unheard words in the world I lived. I wonder all the time was that in our control to protect us from all those negativity, disrespect and hatred for no reason whatsoever ?  what we did not know was its lasting impact in our our mind as well as our life ? but now I need to know the answer   what can be done to get over from those carelessly tossed negativity in our minds ?

Now a days the one question keep coming in my mind, can we do anything to erase all the negative things that once was those carelessly tossed negativity in our minds when we were so young and innocent ? and if the answer is yes ! then how much time its going to take ?

Now, suddenly I remember burying myself in books of all types and kinds as a child. Was that my way of ‘protecting myself’ from unfavorable environment. Later on when I was out from Bal Mandir I found a magazine and was hooked on to it like anything. ‘cover to cover’ as one of my boss observed about me later when she noticed how much I love reading Readers Digest. Still I did not find my answer as that was not the time I was  seeking the answer that bugs me so much now a days. the question popped up in my mind   when I started writing my blog.

Although, I was not understanding why I liked reading Readers Digest I was yet to know its lasting impact in my mind. As in due course of time, it changed my way of thinking things around me and about people too. I kept myself away from negative thinking people but to be true it really took me decades to know that too.  Again I have to admit it I am super slow unlike some who think I am extremely bright.

But then some time ago I came to read about a study by a sociologist from John Hopkins university, who had sent a group of students to a slum area at Baltimore. The first group were not so hopeful about the good life for 200 young children they have studied and predicted that most of them will end up their life in jail.

The same professor sent another group of students to track down and study the same children after 25 years later. To the surprise of the student these children had not ended their life in jail instead most of them were earning and living a decent life than, that was predicted by the first group of students.

Now, they wanted to know the answer why and where the prediction went wrong. This group of student or perhaps the professor, who was very determined to find the answer, why so.

They came to know about a teacher who taught most of these children who went to the same school of that area and her name was Sheila O’Rourke. She was a very religious by faith and believed in Jesus so she treated this young children just like she treated any of her other students. She treated them with love and respect.

Love and respect do have power to change the all the negative thought that was registered in our mind when we are so young but somebody has to keep doing so repeatedly; so that it will erase all that negativity that was registered in our mind long time back before we can even remember.

The study of sociologist professor from John Hopkins university did something good for me, which the superficial knowledge of most of the physiologist could not help find the deeper answer for person like me. At least now, I have the answer to the most complex thing; I thought I would never ever find. The only thing that pains me to say that it may have taken most of the staff at Bal Mandir to inject those negative comments about us in couple of years [ long before I was bright enough to rubbish them for whatever they said or predict about us] but it took me 20 years understand it and then work on to erase it.

Late Edition : you might find this link very helpful to understand about the above article more. How Dr. Hew Len healed a ward of mentally ill criminals with Ho'oponopono

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