There is no secret recipe for a success

Sunita Giri 10:22 PM |

One of my favorite movies is `Kung Fu Panda'. Okay, I got to admit it not after five half views. I just did not like flying snake, doing tough marshal art stunts by a tiger and a panda whose father was a duck, a tortoise who stays on top of the stick so and so.
After five half view, I finally saw the whole picture and then I truly got the clear picture.
The lessons of this picture is there is no secret recipe for a success and any body can make it. If there is no one's name written there, it may be you who is meant to do the unthinkable and remember there is nobody's picture on the mirror. You stand in front of it and you are the one. The other one is : some well experience eyes always see potential in you and some equally experienced eyes always doubt in your true potential. Trust yourself and believe in you even if, nobody believes in you.

Things are written on your hand and your family and its background helps you to be where you want to be.  At times it may be true but the end result is you will be there where you want to be and where you dream to be. If you don't dream your dream never comes true and then how come you ever live to tell to your children and grand children I lived my dream life.
One common example is Bobby Deol & Kangana Ranaut in Bollywood. Bobby had a family who is from movie industry and yes he did have some movie due to his family back ground and Okay due to his look also. And then there is Kangana Ranaut from Himanchal Pradesh and she is from very middle class family. Kangana Ranaut gave some blockbuster movie like Gangster, Lamhe, Fashion and Once upon a time in Mumbai to Bollywood. I can't remember which one was Bobby's block buster movie, can you remember one ?

I remember one story from the book 'You Can Win' about a balloon seller, who would let go colorful balloons in the sky every time there was sort of sale and every time after seeing fling balloons in the sky more children came to buy it, more than his expectations. One day, when he was leaving some colorful balloons mainly red, blue, green and orange in the sky, he got his shirt pulled by one tiny colored boy. Who wanted to ask him a question "will it fly if the color of balloon is black ?" Then the seller told him "of course, it will; a balloon flies not because what's on the outside but because what's in the inside of it."

When some body believes in you, and say you can do this, just believe him/her and most importantly believe in yourself. Mirror has tremendous power in it, look into the mirror and say you can do it and trust yourself.

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krishna said...

very inspiring and well presented.

Hemant said...

Well said...."believe in oneself" is far more important thn believing on others....
Watch Kungfu Panda two as well, this movie talks about "Inner Piece"...I am sure you will love it

bartercardmarketing said...

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Sunita Giri said...

Thank you all for liking my post. It means a lot when people really appreciate what we think and put in here.

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