The power of giving

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The power of giving

About a month ago a story captured a reporter of a  national  dailies’ attention. Chun B. Magar, a porter by profession gave Rs 5,100 to the Mahayagya organised by the Phidim Higher Secondary  School, to raise funds for the science faculty as a new wings. unbeknown to him the super-natural-power-of-the-universe started working in his favour almost immediately.

Upon hearing his generous giving, the CDO of the area instantly announced a reward of Rs 2000 for the Magar. Another announcement of the reward of the bag of Rs 10,000 followed. This time it was the chairman of the Panchthar Chamber of Commerce and Industries. Another influential personality of the society also came forward to give him a mobile set with a Sim card.

A total of Rs. 30,000 along with a mobile set including SIM card was handed over to him by a minister on January 28, 2010 at the Phidim Bazar. An elaborated ceremony to felicitate the porter clad in tika and garland was taken around the city with pundits chanting religious verses for his well being  at the conclusion of the Mahayagya. .  Chun B. Magar rubbed the shoulder that day with those of the society otherwise he would have never got the opportunity under normal circumstance.

This story of generous giving by the porter, who works so hard to meet his daily meals. His small act of giving made him sort of the Hero in that area and made a story in the national daily too.

After reading this story it got me thinking as well as re-read the two books which have been lying on my bed side for long period than any other books. Two absolutely contrast subject matter and written by the two different personality with their believe in living style.

One is Rich Dad, Poor dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki. This is one book i call ‘my bible’ and the other is a book  by a Loren Cunningham, a missionary, who lives his life as guided by the holy Bible- Daring to live on the edge.

Robert Kiyosaki admits in this book that he is a hard-core capitalist, who loves the game of money making money. he also shares with the readers his life long knowledge that one should be financially independent and should work on this line as early as possible. He mainly tries to share his experience, between the different concept about ‘the working for money’ and having money work by itself.

on the other hand Loren Cunningham, writer of the book Daring to live on the Edge is all about the trusting God Completely for all your daily needs. he also put forth  his logic how the 9-5 job holders on the secular world also can live by the faith. This books teaching is slowly sneaking in my brain.

There are so many real life examples in this book by Loren Cunningham how the needs were met met at the last minutes or on time just by prayers and the complete trust on God. how those needs  were met so miraculously. Some of the story really lingered in my mind long after I close down the book.

Like the story of the Sheila Walsh*. In her story he picks one particular incident that happened when she was a student of London Bible college. How a young girl who could not even buy a Levi's jeans could managed to get the money for her round-trip air tickets to Montreal, Canada to go on an outreach mission during the summer Olympic game, 1976.  How she then needed only $70 dollars for her bus trip from Montreal to New York. Out of that 70 dollars she only had 7 dollars and then she needed 67 to meet her needs. After the Cunningham's urge to the young crowd - do not rule out the giving, just because you have your needs. upon the holy spirit’s continued nudge and guidance, how she had to give to another blond girl in the group that $ 7 dollars. How she coped the passing hours with empty pockets praying God for help. But as she was waiting to leave the YWAM center how the administrative staff of that mission, had handed over an envelop to her saying that she had over paid her stay in that mission centre. Loren Cunningham tries to diffuse our doubts  specially from the secular world with he following logic, “such dramatic provision and miracles don't happen every day, but the ones that do serves to remind us of the God faithfulness, for years to come . Such special provision do not prove our spirituality, but they do prove to us that God is great enough for any circumstance or rest”.

When Loren Cunningham depends on God for his basic needs, Robert Kiyosaki suggest you should only depend on yourself not even with Government for your future financial needs.

These are the some vast difference between two Americans. One of the two Americans is a hard-core capitalist, who loves the game of money making money. The other American is a missionary, who lives his life as guided by God. Depends on Him, purely for his and his hundreds of YWAM workers in so many missionary work around the world for their daily needs.  These two people have drastic difference in their life style. What is so common in these two people and what makes them so alike ?  

There is one very common thing in these two absolutely different personalities and that is one believe in generous giving, no strings attached giving. Both of them was raised with one common teaching to give, “give and you shall receive”.  This one believe was instilled in these twos mind at very young stage. so both have seen and experienced the power of generous giving.

Robert Kiyosaki shares his blood fathers’ believe in receiving first and then giving, but there was never any extra to give so, he always worked harder to make money. His own well educated father, a PhD holder died leaving bills to be paid due to his own lack of interest on money making money concept. On the other hand how his rich dad gave so generously as and when he was short of money; to the church and charities as his rich dad strongly believed in tithing and those giving always brought back more money to him.

If Loren Cunningham writes on his book, “giving is the form of worshiping God,” then Robert Kiyosaki gives us the old saying that “God does not need to receive, but humans need to give.”

Robert Kiyosaki also opines that the giving money is the secret of some wealthy families. you must have heard of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Warren Buffet Foundation and the Ford Foundation to name the few.

Robert Kiyosaki shares further on this book of the power of giving, “there are powers in this world that are much smarter that we are. you can get there on your own but its easier with the help of the other powers to be. All you need to be generous with what you have and the posers will be generous with you.”

As for my personal experience i am thankful to Loren Cunningham for inspiring me to give. No one before could do this job. I did started giving small money to those needy but let me be honest here there were very small and i did invested substantial amount of money on picking on some share of some banks. my share valued got devalued in due course of time but those small giving did wonderfully came back to me than those substantial investment. But this also does not mean i don't like the idea of money making money, its just that the time is not favourable here in Nepal. At least not now.

I am sure my readers understand now, why Chun B. Magar’s story; got lingered in my mind for so long. This is the perfect example of how those generous giving gets multiplied by or in other words comes back in buckets.

*Sheila Walsh is the co-host of The 700 club on Television and writer and international speaker.

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