Be honest to yourself

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Be honest to yourself

A colleague of mine is getting hitched with a guy who lives in America by her family members. The guy sent her mail asking her what she has to say about all this emphasising on positive answer form her.

then she turned towards me for my suggestion.  what should she do, as if i am a relationship expert. So I told her there is nothing harm chatting because you can face your emotions yet you can still catch easily that who is faking it without being involved emotionally on net.

So they with the information they get form face book and their family members they stated chatting with each other on sky-pay or yahoo ID. That guys chews up words with every sentence and uses more …... than words.

more she chatted with him more she felt uneasy and disturbed. I only wondered why she distracted after those hours of chat. She simply could not trust this guy could be the one she should spend rest of her life. During all this both avoided adding each other on their facebook friend. she said she is not getting an inch of feelings for this guy.

Being Mongolians, they are loosely related; so they do come on each others facebook screen yet no request for friendship request even on net from both side. so I told her to pull the plug,  he is not for you.

My readers must be wonder how can i tell her so. I have very simple rule on this you don't have to be Relationship Expert to read the signs, here are 10 more such signs :
  1. if the guy is not picking up restaurant bills he is not into you.
  2. if all the complimentary is generated always after the beer or alcohol consummation do not take is seriously.
  3. if he has just broken up and you happen to be around him and some thing or other leads you two very close then better listens to yours friends suggestion.
  4. if guy does not give you due respect in front of his close circle of people stop lying to yourself saying ‘… but he loves you.’
  5. if you think he has been lying to you for some time trust your instinct.
  6. if the guy in your life keep telling you to change your look, style and colors of your hair or skin , best thing is for you to change the man in your life.
  7. if the guy is interested in your exterior beauty and gives a damn to your thought and opinions, know when to pull the cord.
  8. if sex is followed by alcohol consumption do not make a mistake telling you that is lovemaking. This is pure sex.
  9. if you boyfriend is two timing and you have been pushing it for some time to pull the cord  ask yourself can you trust this guy for rest of your life ? As one of my boss had to put it this way, love may vanish in due course of time but then only trust remains. So know when to call it off.
  10. if the love of your life has another woman in his life besides his mother and you have been blaming her for all the things going wrong. Remember it takes two to tango. Ask yourself  can you really know him that well ? I mean really ?

Men are more confused compared to woman, so you have to take the decision. There is this saying that, it takes only five minutes for a woman to find out after meeting a man; is he right for her not not.

Did you watched the guy named Brad on ‘The Bachelor’ 2010 an American reality show on Star world  who had this opportunity to interact with 25 beautiful women one-on-one for 6 weeks and he shortlisted them into two ?

Did you know what happened at the end ? he just could not pick one of them for a life time. Interestingly, both the women named Jenni and DeAnna was dead-sure he was for her.

One of my friend Amita, keep reminding us that women are emotional fools. And all wise people know this : they do take the decisions with their heart and not from head.

But my other good friend Shilpa, who is far more wiser and brilliant kept telling me all the time, know your self-worth and does he think you deserve it ?

As for my colleague the guy from America is still pressing her to come on chat room on yahoo ID.
~ End ~
article by : Sunita Giri

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