There is nothing called fluke of luck

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As I was watching my favorite show, Opera Winfrey, she was talking about the line, which is above mentioned. She probably is the one, who strongly believes in this line and she also emphasized on thing saying you have to work hard to make your own luck.

I really want to believe her words, every bit of it, but there are certain things, that witnessed in my life, which is the force behind for me to think opposite of the saying. I have to admit not my choice though.

I grew up in Bal Mandir the biggest orphanage here in Nepal, as a child I did get a chance to see some children being admitted in accompanied by their siblings. But before they could understand anything, one of the sibling found his or her way to the rich nations after being adopted by childless couples.

Some cases are here : Durga Pokharel and Shanti Pokharel was admitted in Bal Mandir at the age of five and three respectively [approx]. When their mother died and their old father could no longer take care of his 5 children, the youngest two were admitted in the orphanage and two elder sons were given to some rich people to work as domestic helpers and the oldest sister was married, bit too early for her age.

Within months of their admission the youngest sister was adopted by a childless couple from Switzerland, later on this family moved to Sweden when the two children they adopted were still young. During initial months and year the youngest ones obliged new parents used to send the oldest sister chocolates and gifts, which delighted her very much. Durga used to tell her class mates that she has a sister, who lives in Switzerland. They are still in touch, but not personal visit, so its mostly through the electronic medium.  Oh ! yes they still exchange gift as and when time is suitable.

Veena Magar, was admitted in Bal Mandir around 1980; when she was younger than six months. A childless couple from Switzerland, wanted to adopt a child for long just picked her up, among the other suitable children in the group, just when she was about 6 months old.  Veena has two older brothers, who were left behind.

Dhana Magar is Veena’s brother, who got all the financial support for his education from the parents of Veena. The couple were so thankful to have her as their daughter; later on, they gave every thing, Dhana ever demanded.

Today, Veena is a very successful Attorney in Switzerland and her Father [ I am very close with him, as he is the one who helped me to finish my college education and more] really loves to gush out Veena’s achievements.

Dhana, can only envy, her own sister’s life and status she enjoys. They too are the same blood sibling but still their parents name are different, not only on papers but also in the minds imprints too.

Junu Chettri and Ambika Chettri was admitted in the same orphanage. As Junu recalls her youngest sister was about six months old when their mother died. Her mother had been abandoned by her father when she was pregnant with his 5th child; to marry another woman.

After about a year of their admission in Bal Mandir, the youngest sister was adopted by a childless couple from west nation. But unlike other siblings there was never ever any contact with her sister. She only remembers the incident, but she has no contact with her sister ever since she left the country. She can not remember the name of the country where she was taken.

Why same blood siblings, who found their way to the orphanage, one have so different life, country and parents name  and the other one remain in the country ? why such vast difference when they came from the same womb ?

Two blood related siblings and two different life since their childhood, specially after going though the sever adversity in their childhood. All of the adopted children were so young to understand what is going on in their life.

As per our cultural believe, there are certain things in life beyond our understandings, and has connections to other life, more than our own life span - which is called Karma. Sometimes, it  may have logic even though, we don’t understand or lets be honest we do not want to believe.

But realities like this as shared in the above three different incidents, tell us the different stories, and deeper meaning to the saying, ‘its all luck’, than the efforts [s]he put on it. Sometimes, no effort from the side of the receivers; also land them in a dream land. Although all the children were picked up randomly, after the couple having a look at the prospective child available for adoption, but went by the instinct to pick up one as 'their own' and not the other.

Age, in all the above cases was a primary factor for adoption. Landing in Bal Mandir was the reason to a door, that lead them in a far more different life than they themselves have dream or ever imagined. All the children involved in this case was so young to prey, wish or dream to the kind of life they got, yet that’s what they got and they have. A lot more different life than their biological parents could have afford or the sibling living here in Nepal could imagine in their wildest dream.

I, all the time resisted to believe, its written in your hand or on your forehead long before you wished for; and now, I am the one who is sharing this story with you.

Now you decide, do you agree with Opera or choose to disagree with the notion ? 

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krishna said...

i define luck as something different as you have put it in here. luck and coincidence should be differentiated. coincidence is something that happens no matter what you wish, and luck is something you get without enough of effort, but wish is there.
All of the above incidents are just mere coincidence to me, none of the one who got adopted was in the state of mind to be future conscious.
So to get what you wish for, you ought to try, try hard, even then you may not get it. there is nothing called fluke of luck. you can get the thing that u have not even thought of by merely coincidence and that is not the luck.

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