The coin Collectors

Sunita Giri 10:07 PM |

Every time Pramila Thiebaut, of France gets some coins, she puts it in a jar. Its same thing with her husband Nicolas Thiebaut, also. They have married about 5 years ago, here in Nepal.

One day Nicolas, class mates passed comment about his color in primary school, when he returned home, he asked his parents, “why his color is darker than his class mates ?”

His parents sat down both of the children and then explained that both of them were adopted and luckily they were twins - a boy and a girl, and that is the reason their color was different than other children.

When Nicolas, became a teenage boy, he told his parents that one day he will go back to Nepal and will marry a girl from the same orphanage he was adopted.

In 2004, he did return to Nepal and found a girl Pramila Harijan, working there in the library, after two years of long distance relationship, they got married in 2006.Nicolas Thiebaut is also known as Chudamani Neupane, here in Npeal, to those of his close friend circles.

Back in France, after their marriage, they started collecting coins and during five years time both of them have accumulated enough coins to do something for the children of the Bal Mandir.

When Pramila, returned Nepal in 2011 April, there was one more thing she needed to do this time. Visit Bal Mandir and then treat the children something of their choice.

Pramila, wanted to take children to the picnic for refreshment and also have light moment with them but when she asked children what they want, they replied, they rather have meat; so their wish was granted. Of course, Pramila and Nicolas Thiebaut, did chip in some extra on their coin collection but that treat was possible because they have collected coins for years.

After college Nicolas had worked as a tattoo artist for couple of years but now a days, he has been working as a manager in an old age home in France and Pramila, she has improved her halting french to fluent one so, she takes any job that is available.

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