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Bal Mandir, like any other orphanage is a place where mixed human emotions can be seen in at a glance. Here greed, lust, love, power play for the position, use and abuse of authority, can be seen at one place.

Children here are from the single parents, abandoned on the street side, on the hospital or at their poor grandparents, victims of flood disaster and other natural calamities, lost love or it can also be called lust existed on earth long before the orphanage. Some children are there because it will be easier for their remaining relatives to get full hands on the property left behind by their sister or brother or the aunt or uncle it could be anyone, you name it. Then there are kind of children who were born with special needs, I mean mentally retarded children and all their parents ( or perhaps relatives ) wants to do is to get rid of them.

Here people ( junior staff ) are nice when situation is normal and they will shout at their longs on your face telling these people are the children of ‘widows and sluts’. Just because you dropped your hat or unintentionally dashed some adults on your way.

If we are hungry, half an hour later after having our meal, they presume we have a ghost like hunger, which only an orphan can have - its so clear that none of them have seen any teenagers eat before in their life - and which is hard to feed such hungry child. You will get a chance to read more on ‘ghostly hungry’ in my future article.

There were people in the management who felt and acted as if they were a lot superior in front of us. I can bet that was their bonus and only incentive they could give themselves, as orphanages are non-profit organization to distribute any kind of bonus.

But then, there were donors who were not in our direct contact but who took care, that we had full time meal on our plates, we get decent cloths to cover our body and then they also used to take care that we have roof on our head. They also took care that we get education so that one day we will be independent and able to take care of our self and the family members in future. Apart from these they also made sure we get warm beds to sleep.

Oh ! warm beds reminded me of one incident in Bal Mandir. I could have been twelve or thirteen years old then. One donor had donated big truck load of bedding's. He had bought enough to give every single child. There were about 200 children in the Bal Mandir then, at the moment there are 188 children. Perhaps the number remains almost the same. One thing very unusual about this distribution of goods was that the donor had not given the money to the Organisation to buy the bedding's. Perhaps the donor did not trust his money to the organisation but bought the stuffs on his own and distributed it to us directly. The beds were of course very bright in colors. It was bit longer than the normal bed size also but that was also seemed to be taken cared of as one child was getting two bed and if you fold two at a time it made a supplemented pillow also. Oh ! those colorful beds were so beautiful.

Though, Nepal Children's Organization which runs Bal Mandir under its roof was run by the Royals during our time. Even royals need big donors to join hands to help 200 plus orphans, year after year. NCO also has many small orphanage in many district of the country about - ten plus. At that time UK’s royal family was also involved in helping hands with Nepal Children Organisation. I do remember princess Anne’s name being the chief representative of UK’s sponsors. But one nation that stood tall, all the time in giving was America. Many white people used to come to visit Bal Mandir and some big donors made sure we get what we needed.

During those visits some of them used to ask us, trying to crack some conversation, “do you speak English ?” and in reply we used to say, “little, little.” I am sure that it really used to amuse them.

Donors were like the cool breeze on the scorching heat. I believe they are a different face of God in his absence and that's what all we needed.

I wonder, does 330 million Gods, which is believed; we have here in Nepal include those donors as well. Then how come we have that many Gods and only 27.8 million population even today ?


Henry Scobie said...
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Henry Scobie said...

The Mitrataa Foundation took over running Bal Mandir in May (a five year contract):


Unfortunately, ten other homes remain under the direct control of Nepal Children's Organization. And at the end of five years, Bal Mandir is handed back to the same criminals:


Mitrataa was very hesitant to take over Bal Mandir (because of the corruption -- see below). Over the years, millions of euros, dollars and rupees have been given to NCO. Most of the the money has simply disappeared.

Mitrataa Foundation -- Annual Report 2010:

10. Bal Mandir

Many of you will know that Bal Mandir is a children’s home in Kathmandu, currently home to 200 children. It is run by Nepal Children’s Organisation, one of our core partners. We have been running a number of projects at Bal Mandir with NCO and we knew that they had been having financial problems. They are responsible for over 600 children in 11 homes across Nepal. They approached us and asked us to consider taking over the management of Bal Mandir for 5 years to help them set it up as a sustainable, model home that they could then use to help them set up similar models in their other homes. Although running children’s homes is not core to Mitrataa’s Vision, a train-the-trainer approach to sustainability is at the heart of what we do. So we agreed to explore this project with them. It was a huge project and after many negotiations the agreement was signed by Mitrataa and we were to take over management from 1 September 2010. We were so excited about the possibilities for this project and were so grateful for the support we received from many different people and organisations as we embarked on this very daunting journey, including Bathurst Breakfast Group, Randwick Rotary, East Canberra Rotary, SHAWS Kindergarten.

Unfortunately, due to severe corruption within NCO, we had to cancel the project as we were not confident that we would be able to deliver on the objectives without risking Mitrataa’s reputation as an organisation that refuses to pay bribes. This was a heartbreaking decision but we felt very strongly that we could not put the rest of the projects and all the people we work with in Nepal at risk.


Sunita Giri said...

You used the word criminals for them and we use the word blood sucker for them. The contradiction is that they too given a chance that we do not hear it, make us feel exactly like a parasite and leach. This hate-hate relationship between the needy and the people in between is so much that we love to hate them as they say the feelings is mutual.

About the taking over the management is you sound exactly like Bernhard who is my sponsor since I left Bal Mandir. Now he is running with a group of trustees from Switzerland a Prabina foundation and a Prabina Home. Unlike you he had approached to take over the management of Bal Mandir in about 2004-2005 but not for short term. The corruption and bribe was soo rooted he backed off from the project. After that in 2008 he had stated hostel for girls only now Prabina Home. He hates giving bribe, even to Maobadi forget about any other person.

Do I have to add more, he is my hero ! Sorry unlike you I am not good at providing links.

By the way read today's Kantipur, how corrupted the authorities of Nepal Children's organisation are.

Henry Scobie said...


Aug 01 2011 - Public accounts committee of legislative Parliament has ordered Nepal children's organization to give public land on lease only after forming a necessary guideline and working procedure. Officials of Nepal children's Organization told the committee that the organsiation is looking after the orphans and children from the monthly rent of the land. The organization was questioned over the allegation that the organsiation is randomly leasing land in its name in the capital and other places. The organization is feeding some 6 hundred children across the country and it raises about 10.5 million rupees as rent against the land lease. The committee was told that several of the earlier contracts were dissolved following the directives of the commission for the investigation of abuse of authority-CIAA.


PAC directs NCO not to lease land based on verbal contract (Nepalnews)

Monday, 01 August 2011

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the legislature parliament has directed Nepal Children's Organisation (NCO) to stop leasing its lands in various places in Kathmandu valley based on verbal contract only and follow the government prescribed procedure for the leasing.

PAC concluded at a meeting on Sunday that there was huge difference in the rent of the land plots leased out on competition and those without competition.

It was found that the organisation had been receiving a rent of Rs 430 thousands per Ropani per annum on land leased out through tender process, while it had been receiving only Rs 141 thousands to 384 thousands from land plots leased without completion.

NCO has been leasing out 57 Ropanis (about 3 hectares) of land in various prime locations in the capital. Out of 57 Ropanis of land a little more than 9 Ropanis in Naxal has been leased to the education ministry without contract and without any rent.

PAC has directed the NCO to lease out land only through competition and also take rent from the education ministry for the use of land in Naxal.


See also:

Children's Organisation asked to systematise property leasing (Kathmandu Post):


PAC directs not to lease NCO property (eKantipur):


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