Inferiority complex

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If a person is deadly allergic to a particular food no one needs to kill that person. He only has to be given secretly that food which he is allergic and then the work is done. That particular food can be very normal to any other but the same food can kill the one who is allergic to that particular food. Just like that if a person is suffering from inferior complex no one needs to make him/her feel, what he feels. A small gesture, a hint or a sign language is enough to make one feel insignificant.

“Where is Nepal ?” is so simple question, but to one Nepali who felt so perplexed when asked by his colleague in Canada.

More he tried, more question popped up and he did tried his best to quench the curiosity but all in vain. for more on this see the link

My question to the writer of the article was, what can you do if their knowledge about our country is poor ? Just because we know all about the big country that is not sure fire that they too will keep a good track about small country like Nepal.

Many know that George Bush, was clueless about London, when he was elected president of US. After the news evolved most of the dailies in London [UK], had ran ads on their subsequent papers, showing London in the European maps and some even read like this, “we are here Mr. president.”

Its been a little more than a couple of months or so when a news made its round in internet that Justin Bieber does not know the meaning of German.

I am dead sure that the Germans give it a damn about it, that Justin’s general knowledge is very poor. He may be a Teen sensation and loved by the whole world but Germany is big nations in itself to pay much attention to the news and to be bothered by this kind of ignorance from Justin Bieber. But because we are from small nations like Nepal so when people from big nation asks us, “where is your country ?” and “we have never heard about it”, then it gets our deep subconscious mind and reminds us that how small and insignificant we are. we try to connect that unknown and small to our own identity, which we have been trying to make some what big and significant enough [in our personal life].

Only thing that got me thinking, is the person who wrote the write up, is a Nepali student of Ph.D, who is studying in Canada. He is also working there.

He reminds me of those, who were so infuriated, when they watched on TV, twelve Nepali were first kidnapped and then gun downed on video by some Iraqi terrorist [Islamics extremist] in Iraq on September 2004. Nepal was burning on every corner of the city following that killings. what is the connection between those who were killed by an Islam extremist gang in Iraq and properties worth millions burning here in Kathmandu ? What is the connection ?

What kind of mindset and inferiority complex it is ? Where is the proper reasoning ? Why a Ph. D student from Nepal, in foreign soil is not thinking any different; than the people on street of Kathmandu ? Is this because he is from Kathmandu. Thank God he did not acted like one of them. It just that it did not escape from my mind easily after reading it, instead it send me into deep thinking.

And I thought in my big part of life, this is my birth right as an orphan and the one who have spent time in orphanage !

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loonibha said...

a good matter on nepali pscycology. a comman person to a phd phelloship.not only inferity complex always attacks to people like us. its anger a rage that makes all fire and smoke.
thanx for your attachment on nepalese pscycology

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