Mother - the other side of her

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Mukunda Tamang, was like any other boys; while growing up in Bal Mandir. During his stay in Bal Mandir, he thought that like others, he too was an orphan. Once after turning in the age of sixteen, he too was sent in Nepal Army; like all the teenager, just like the other boys from Bal Mandir. Army’s job was regarded as good and secure job then. One need not have to be more educated and yet they get a job, which not only paid decently; also provided them good shelter too. On top of that, one is not required to be very good in study.

During this time, in his army post, he was shifted to many barracks, made more friends than he can even remember in due course of time. Some good and some lasted long and some did not lasted long. During one of those shift, in a barrack, he met Mukul Tamang, who was younger than him and soon they became fast friends and as time went by then became more than friends. They were like brothers. Both of them looked alike and they also shared the same caste Tamang to create more bond between them. Like they say, they were like bothers, so Mukul Tamang, once invited Mukunda Tamang, to visit his home in village.

One fine day, they headed to visit Mukul’s home. .These two have entered the village and the home as a good friend but they faced a new truth in that home. As the days passed by in his village; it became clear that Mukuls’ mother was the mother of Mukunda. This new news which surfaced on the air, did not please Mukunda Tamang, instead it disturbed him so much. It was said that, when the mother bowed her head on her long lost sons’ feet asking for forgiveness, in front of ‘Pancha’ of the village. What happened next, shocked the villagers, because boiled in anger and emotion Mukunda Dai, boot kicked his mother on her bowed head, in front of villagers.

I am not in touch with Mukunda Dai for about close to thitry years now, like so many others also who are in touch with me to get the clear picture of this story. Besides what they do in western county, digging names in Google also does not help much to get more information, about his where abouts; so I have only half story, which I hate. But when I try to understand, why he did ? the way he did ? I can only guess, although I may be miles apart ; from his way of thinking to this situation.

My guess is the truth that his younger brother was with her mother from the very beginning and he was not even aware of her existence; was some thing very hard to swallow and too much for him to take it easily and forgive her, even if she kept her head on his feet after all these years. It would not be too much to say that normal and natural sibling rivalry did play a huge role here in his reation. Here are two brothers who had two stark different life in their childhood. Surprisingly they both landed in the same workplace. who came on this earth from the same womb. The below question keeps coming in my mind :

  • did he forgave his mother at the end ?
  • did he ever visited again the village, which was his born place ?
  • how their relationship changed [Mukunda & Mukul], after the news surfaced, that they actually were blood bothers.
  • did he still remained friend with Mukul ?

It also can not be forgotten that, they were known to each other at the workplace so they must have been in touch. I don't think one of them could have left job, just because of this news. Yet, what happened next, I don't know; but love to know the remaining half of the story, because I hate half stories, which end almost nowhere. Above questions keep spinning in my head, every time this story reels in my head.

Here in our culture it is very strongly believed that fate is a lot powerful than our wish ? what is fate then ? why they say things are written long before we entered in this earth ? Is that the reason, they keep hammering in our head when some things goes wrong ? Is the word fate is an easy cover up word of our human weakness ? The last question sends me in deep ponder !

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