What made him so angry ?

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Bal Mandir with 200 children inside it always needed a dog or two to protect them for this or that reason . But for some strange reason, it had mainly female dogs, not the male dog [ or I just don't remember it quite right, but what I remember is, there used to be bunch of puppies every winter].

There used to be a man, whose name was Kanchha Dai. He used to clean main kitchen and the big pan, in which they used to cook food for us. He was quite normal when he was surrounded by the ladies [room maids] while doing his work. But when he used to see the doggy he lost his temper. He used to catch it and then raise it above his head and then bang he used to throw them on the floor as if he is throwing a heavy stone on the floor.

Dogs just got on his nerve, but the question till today remains in my head; why he was so angry with dogs ? He used to hit them and kill them.

While growing up in Bal Mandir, it was quite a common sight for us, to watch him hitting dogs with sticks or big stones; whenever they came close to him, and those occasional rising it above his head, holding it with both of his hands and banging them on the kitchen floor or wherever was just to much for us to understand it. Even today.

Once, I do remember they killing a dog [as they say mad dog] which I don't know what mad dog was then. They trapped the dog in our class rooms, which had wide open ventilation that was open in our front yard side and they just killed the dog with such brutal way, its not easy for me to go in to detail of how ruthlessly the dog was killd. Big boys were also in this killing and yes, of course, our Kanchha Dai, was always ready to kill dog any time. Perhaps he would be ready to kill a dog even in his deep sleep.

Once, when he banged a doggy there was rumour, that the doggy was pregnant and that bang just miscarriage its pregnancy. He was brutally ruthless towards dogs and I am curious now, to know why was he so angry all the time ? why those dogs made him so angry ?

Some times, when he was working with ladies he used to show them, his hand from back side, trying to fix it on the air. It always used to shake, just like that. They told them, that he must have killed a cat, to have such shaky hands. It is believed that, the cat killers cant fix their hands, on the air just like that.

Oh My God ! the sight still haunts me so badly, when I see dogs matting during the mating seasons; but the scene reels in my head from my childhood days. Those continuous bang on the matting dogs on the part they are joined from back to back, in an effort to separate them from for long hours of matting. Of course went in vain, however the bang never stopped for next time. It just wont go away from my head. Because, I just grew up watching it before I was even ten or younger than that, not even knowing, why was he so angry with dogs ? what made him more angry when he say those dogs mating.

Some childhood memories just keep haunting for life, specially when you try to understand those, who are hard to understand and their behaviour. What could be worse, you cant even go and ask them, why did he did all that ? I mean really, why was he so angry about ? was he really angry with dogs or it was only the means to let his anger out ? The reason may have been different.

My brain just wont stop asking more questions.


Gp said...

So nice is the write-up. The idea is mind blowing too. Yet, to much ignored here is the fact that the write-up has lost its benevolent ending. I bet!! The most charming part of the write-up has been lost. Can you just point out what were the reasons for 'Kanchha Dai' to kill them? Can you just find out why dogs were the most misbehaved animal by 'Kanchha Dai' ? Either you hurried to end it.... or you tried to deceive the readers. I believe good writer does not keep readers in tension. Yet, you are free to write however you like.

Sunita Giri said...

Thank you so much for the nice comment. some of the words you used was not easy for me to understanding here... will go and see the dictionary later. You are right when you say the ending should not keep a reader in tension. Personally, I believe my ending or article has to make my readers think more than anything else. Made them think hard when my readers finish reading it. But, come on, you forgot the main point here, I was so young to understand his intention behind the hate. When I grew up, he was not around so that I could ask him or to cross question him to understand the reason behind his anger.

Gp Acharya Ipog said...

Then, it was even better if you had indicated some reasons behind the anger.... Perhaps, it was easier for a young mind to find/generalize some premises for reasoning.... I am agreed,, if it was written at the same time when you went under it. Anyway, its just a reader's response.

Sunita Giri said...

Ok, as you are really persisting on this too much I must write my guess here : It would be the mating dogs, which may have reminded him the lack of sex in his own life [ like all other guys he did liked the ladies company and was different man around room maids specially of his own caste. To tell you the truth, I was mostly raised my Tamangs and Gurung nannies and then there were other junior staffs of this caste in Bal Mandir. He hated it so much to banged on them so brutally and ruthlessly. Men do act pretty strangely, when they don't get sex when they want it. And then the long hours of mating dogs get naturally; must have added to his deep rooted desire; which he himself was deprived off in all those years of his work so much so that for him to bear watching it every year at the wake of matting seasons.

But, then; he simply hated dogs and you are tying to get the answer from a stupid little young girl, who grew up watching it without even understanding it quite well.

Gp Acharya Ipog said...

It might be one of the best psychoanalysis at end... There may be other also... this too is fine. I was not trying to get answer from 'a stupid little young girl, who grew up watching it without even understanding it quite well', but I was expecting a little twist in the matter by a grown mind of yours. Instead of your blog's subheading "This blog does not talk, anything that is fiction or imaginary; all its content are purely based on real life experience", I was expecting any kind of analysis... like you did in the recent comment.

Govi Khatri said...

Sunitaji, Good to know about the real stories on behind the wall.

Sunita Giri said...

thanks for liking it.

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