I do not wanted to die but they killed me

Sunita Giri 10:55 PM |

Its been long time that the news of drivers have been killing the half dead people on the road accident that otherwise could have cost them hell. Its easier to kill and then pay the punity damage after that, which is half a million Rs. But if some body does not get a chance to back the wheels and then crush the corpse then the half vegetable kind of body, will cost the driver more than, that half a million Rs.

Then the question rise, who made this law ? which give the idea to crazy drivers across the country, completely kill the person, who just met an accident ?

On the final day of mourning period of Rojan, I to was present and Dangol Sir, a staff at the Bal Mandir was also present there, at the rented combined house of Mirawati Shrestha [ Ritu’s middle sister] was telling almost the same kind of story. How a couple of days before only, a driver at the Lagankhel, rolled back his wheels and then crushed the man completely, who just fell under his wheels. Later Mirawati, told me that, he had been kind of helping them to run in the police posts.

One of the things that made me wonder hard, is how come a full grown person’s head is under the wheels, and yet the wheel is still on the motion, without even trying to find out what is under the wheel. As the news unfolded this is what happened in the case of Ritu’s death on the road accident.

Her head under the wheel, baffled almost every one of us. How come head and why not leg ? which normally comes under the wheel. No body lies on the street waiting for a wheel to come close and let it crush. This in fact spinned Urmila Basnets’ [a very close friend of Ritu] head so much, that she had to find out, what exactly happened on that day, that caused her head come under the wheel. She being the staff of traffic police, knew where to go and find the answer, so she went to the sketch artist to see the sketches which they had made after hearing the eye witnesses on the spot.

On that day, Ritu Shrestha had climbed on the bus, which was so overcrowded. So she just squeezed herself on the door side, trying to catch on whatever her hands could find in that dark as she could not enter much inside of the bus. Just when the bus started rolling, a jerk like break made Ritu fall from the bus, and to her bad-luck; she bumped with an electricity pole and then that force pushed her back towards the bus that was still on the roll, thus her head was crushed like a watermelon by the two powerful wheels of the back side of the passenger bus. During all this process, the bus was still on the move. Even after crushing the head, the bus driver was not slowing down, instead by this time he had picked up the speed on the road.

Because I ride scooter and know how tiny stone on the road can cause the trouble for me, as as protection i do try to avoid it from a good distance. Then how come a full grown human skull does not make any different to those big passenger bus drivers to stop and watch ?

However, one thing for sure I could not help, but keep thinking that; the sudden death of Ritu and this traffic rule of our country, left some hefty some to Rojan Shrestha [ Ritus’ only son], half a million Rs. from the careless driver as a punity damage for a life and then there will be Rs. 1.2 million from the insurance company. This is a new policy called the third party insurance. The process has already been on forwarded to Patan court, which the traffic police department do all the needed task, confirming the death on road accident. It might take some time, but he will get the the sum. I bet, Ritu had no clue how her sudden death, will make the life of her son.

Ritu’s middle sister, shared this to me, later on that, the day of the accident it was not easy to fall sleep and at last when she slept for a couple of minutes, she saw Ritu, telling her she in fact did not wanted to die; but they killed her. Coincidentally, Pramila Thienbaut [younger sister of Urmila Basnet], who is very close and good friend of Ritu, who lives in France also saw the same dream and it was shared when they chatted over phone.

Mirawati Shrestha, cant help but keep thinking hard, until her head gets dizzy, that how painful it could have been for her sister to be crushed by the powerful wheels, before she died on the spot and more than what makes her really worried, is will that driver spent his life behind the bar for killing her sister or will be back again at his work to kill more people without feeling sorry, when he stays behind the wheels ?

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pratapujwal said...

its really a sad news. just right now i came to know this news from her son. really cannot imagine this. not feeling good. but whatever i knew about her, she was a really good woman in person true and honest. her life was so tough but even she never give up always used to fight up with the problem and overcome it. hope her soul rest in peace in heaven.

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