Never make me feel that I don’t Have mother !

Sunita Giri 9:46 PM |

The afternoon after the death of Ritu [Shrestha], mrs Shrestha, called me to know more about the news. Let me clear out one thing here to you all, before I proceed further; I call her Dijju, which is a royal word for older sister, is her wish not my choice, as she is old enough to be my mother. Her oldest daughter is of my age, but she wanted me to call her Dijju and I feel kind of, very awkward to call her with this word.

“Why you did not inform me about this ?” was her first question. I said that, “since yesterday my battery is running low and at the same time I am waiting for a call regarding the further news about Ritu. Probably we have to go to the Pashupati today, for the cremation; if we get a call for this and then your call came.” I explained to her. She told me that, Prashant has just told her about this, in this morning only, fearing it may not be right to tell her such tragic news before she went bed. She then added that, Rojan had spoken with her, “you know, he does not sound very shocked with his news”, she remarked. She also added that, she had assured Rojan, “not to worry about all the cost associated for the last rite and any other, if their is in between.”

Next day on 18th of January, two days after the accident, I had been to Hanuman Dhoka as the committee member had not shown their nose to talk about the punity damage. There I saw Rojan, he was calm and composed, compared to the news of his mother sudden death on road accident and that to her head had been crushed under two powerful rear wheels of the passenger bus.

His capability to control his emotion on situation like this just made me wonder, and at the same time it also reminded me how much I detested to those who squeeze their eyes and bring some tear on it forcefully, and those facial graphic just made me laugh like anything; I have to distract myself not to do so anyway. I know its bad not to feel the emotions they are going through, but that is what I get in my mind, those facial graphic just makes me laugh.

About a week later, I had again gone to see Rojan at the place where they stay for thirteen days alone. Rojan was still calm and controlled. He was reading a book by Chetan Bhagat, ‘five points’ probably to occupy his minds, during those lonely days. Rojan is barely seventeen and he is the only son of a single mother. Ritu is all what he had in his life to call some body, she is mine. He has just joined college and yet he has shown such courage to cope up that kind of tough situation. How can somebody of his age can manage to handle situation like that ?

Rojan had one request to make with Nisha his cousin [not with her mother] though; “please never ever make me feel, that I don’t have a mother !”

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