Naughty or plain devil's child [?]

Sunita Giri 10:57 PM |

Gopal Dai, was a very decent old man, a man with few words also. When I was growing up in Bal Mandir, this old man used to chop woods, as a fuel; as well as grind spices on the big stone made grinding pan which we use here for grinding spices. Meat used to be provided once a week, as a curry, that day is undoubtedly, Saturday.

This man was very hard working and decent fellow also but there was some thing in this man children could not resist to tease. I guess teasing is not right words to put here, in fact they [including me and hey ! I was definitely not the kind of decent child to be prayed] used to bother him for his physicality.

The fact was, that he was suffering from a hydrocele. Now a days it can be cured by operation. Even in those days this illness could be cured but it seemed that even if it is not cured, its not that painful also. Yeah, its bit of odd and at times, it could be very embarrassing. The one who is suffering form this kind of disease, need a big size pant to hide his embarrassment. But because Gopal Dai, was a working class man, so he never needed a pant. He used to wear a Nepali suruwal, which is a lot better and easier also to hide is swollen testicles.

Hydrocele, is a common cause of swollen testicles in newborns and the elderly, although men can develop hydrocele at any age. Hydrocele occurs when fluid accumulates between the two membranes that cover the testicles. One or both testicles may be swollen. Hydrocele swelling gradually increases over a period of weeks or months.

Therefore, this disease make their balls look bigger, more than its normal size, perhaps more than five times bigger. So, many children freely teased him about his extra size of the balls, giving him a nick name of H***E.

He was very cool headed person and never beat up any children and would not bother them unless; he is forced too. One day, he must have washed all his suruwals at a time therefore, he was wearing only short. His short was very short, keeping in mind to his extra size balls. As he was taking a siesta, near by the place where he had hanged his clothes to dry up, Nirmala Tamang, who could have been well below twelve then, saw an open whole on his short, revealing some parts of that big size balls. So, she started throwing small size of sand stones, targeting on the part which was seen. Gopal Dai, was a kind of person who would not tangle in very argument, whether its short or long.

He had very simple solution to keep those devil childs away, who would bother him regarding his uneasy disease. He would simple run after the child and then grab the one who is teasing and then rob his/her head on his big balls, asking them, “ will you say this again or not”, until he got confirm answer from that particular child. It did work every time; as bring the embarrassment to the one in front of all their friend, who was trying to feel him embarrassed about this. Nirmala, cried after that like every girl of her age could have, then later on she tried to reason her side of story to her friends, who were at the scene, why she did that, “how could he, show his big balls and sleep so quietly”, but like every devil child would talk about it later on, to all her friends; she too shared it, to all of her friends, that his penis was far more smaller than his balls.

This time as she had thrown some small stones, so he robbed her hand up and down on his private parts. As my friend was telling me this story, I hear a sound of Ravi, in my ear with purple look in his eyes, “Sunita, what Gopal dai did to you, when you teased him ?” I just used to give him a deadly stare, which worked against me as he found this too amusing to resist, so every time he wanted to irk me, he used to ask me that question.

I know this from my own experience, after that Nirmala never dared to tease this decent old man again.

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