Bundle of joy

Sunita Giri 8:14 PM |

Unlike many others, I love winter seasons. Yes, it has its own flaws; yet I like it the way it is which comes in our life, regardless of our liking it or not. Its been couple of nights the sound of crying small puppy has been keeping me awoke at night and that crying sound of a puppy in the cold winter night is just enough to pull me back in my memory lane, back to my childhood. Today, as I walk out from my apartment, a small black puppy, just wanted to follow me right on my leg, just it used to happen many decades ago.

Winter has one more blissful moments to go through without a miss, as this is also the time the dogs give puppies. I do remember some of the boys used to smuggle, small puppies to their best girls in the Bal Mandir, when I was there. Once giving birth to multiple puppies, the doggy used to hide her puppies, inside the tunnel, where she knew; nobody could enter without her permission. But boys used to find it out, most of the time. It has just given birth to puppies, and all they had to do is to look for the place, where. And then smuggle it long before they themself came out from their den.

Girls around the world loves to get a puppy as a gift, specially from boys; and I guess boys know this too well. Some times, they used to smuggle very small puppies also, who had not yet opened its eyes, before 22 days old. As they say pupppies open their eyes in 22 days only. It used to make girls, go gaga over those bundle of small joys. They used to take care of them, as if they were the puppy’s mother, but when the pub needed milk, they used to run after the mother.

During this time frame all the children specially those who loved puppies, used to share foods with them and in return the puppies used to follow them around. Almost all the children regardless of sex, drool over the lovable and hug-able puppies. Children tolerated the litter they made, as it was not up to them to clean it.

A housemother, Kedar Shrestha watched this silently for about two months and then she ordered our janitor to throw all of them in far away distance long before they could track the road back, as they say when a pups grows up it will track the house back. This process used to break all girls heart so badly. It took some of them to recover the loss but they came out clean always as every year the cycle repeated.

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