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I was not the bright student, when I was young or for that matter during my entire student life. When I say not bright student, it obviously means; I was not the first bencher, never ever passed in flying color including and my weak subjects were very so obviously math, science and english.  On top of that all, math was my weakest subject. I could never ever understand the maths jargons. At the time, when mugging was one of the greatest strength of any student, it simply was not my strength, so I also could not remember the formulas that was a must for a student.
I had a math teacher, whose name was Naresh Shrestha. He taught us math since I was in fourth grade [perhaps]. My math was the weakest subject in school. If you want to get the idea how bad my math was let me give you a hint, it was so bad you will grasp the air saying, oh my god; you are not kidding right ?.

Its really hard for me to remember, which one was my poorest subject math, science or english ? but I do remember that this math teacher was the same one, who taught me science too. Does this surprise you then, if I tell you that I was not his favourite student. Not just that, in fact he totally ignored me too, as if I never existed, for me being weak in the subjects he taught was the worst part. He was the teacher, in the school I went until I was seventh grader; that is inside the Bal Mandir even today.
I think at some point of time, he also was the grade teacher also, which gave the teacher the right to have special mention on some particular student. I may be wrong at this point, but for this very reason, for me not being his favourite student  part, more than me being weak in the subjects he taught, he failed me in seventh grade. Because honestly speaking, there were others in my class, who were as average as me, yet they passed, but I did not. That meant the loss of my entire year. Apart from that, this is the reason I have to give up my other love, which was dancing and I was withheld from taking part in after school programs, when I failed. After school program needed us to be in practice rooms long after classes and during the big ceremonies it kept us from school for as long as 20 or more days. so who ever could handle the pressure was allowed to take part in after school not the student who was weak like me .

It filled so much anger and bitterness in my heart, for this teacher. During my 2nd year of seventh grade, I was with some girls, who really took extra interest to please him rather than focus on study. No, not the homework part; but singing and taking part in something that he  initiated, like extra curriculum in his class. I was least interested to please him, but Gauri coaxed me to take part in that game. I think Gauri, who used to work in one of the royals home nearby the Bal Mandir used to attend our school and knew at that very young age, how to please men. Therefore, slowly I started taking part in some stupid things that pleased him.  This part of my life teach me the great lesson that one do not have to be smart in study alone to pass in class, sometimes one has to focus on pleasing the class teacher also. Its the shortest and fastest way to make it to the top.

At some point this teacher also had predicted to my other classmates from Bal Mandir that I would never ever pass my SLC exam, forget about me going to college. He sure was right about his forecast, I did failed once in my SLC exam, and making him expert in his words, it was the math; which pulled me once more time. One more year loss in school. Then I went to a tuition class for my 2nd attempt and this time, my tuition teacher believed that, ‘there is nothing called weak student only bad teachers.’ This so contradicted with my earlier school teachers. It was surprising, that my new math teacher could teach me math and I could understand math also. Its even more amazing thing to know. I passed my 2nd effort in good marks, seeing my math history obtaining 50 marks was a lot better achievement for me than my potential here and I did it without cheating a single problems solution. All this was possible, because, this time I had a good teacher to teach me.

What’s so surprising was, the first  time in the exam hall I was allowed to steal from other’s exam paper or guess papers prepared by some teachers who used to run tuition classes or notebook, if any I have any chit for that matter to make it. But that just did not work. For me, it seems that  if my brain is empty, copying from others also did not work.

But today I do have no grudge for this teacher, who did not see me making it to bright future. But you know what is so strange ? his education and all his opinion was so not different, than the caretakers who sang the same tune in Bal Mandir. What difference it makes to me, when today I am in a lot better condition than he could have thought I will ever make !

Couple of years ago, when Bernhard Rutz was here; I told him about this teacher’s prediction about me not making it even SLC forget about college or my good work background. It only surprised him. I really don't know how far I have come and how satisfied I should be with my achievements today, BUT very few makes it this far who come from my kind of  backgrounds. I think this makes me satisfied with what I have achieved.

If you have been reading my blog posts regularly, you already know, Bernhard is the one man, who have sent me not only to college but was there for me to make sure, I make it best in my life. All you need is one Bernhard in your life not teachers like Naresh Shrestha,   who was my teacher yet doubted my true potential in life.

I am lucky to find my moon in my life, when I was still young and teenager;  have you found yours ?

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