My Friends

Sunita Giri 11:12 PM |

“Why my puwa is so tasty, today ?” I wondered loudly.
“My puwa taste okay, and its not that sweet as you say”, Bobby responded, after tasting puwa from her cup.

That surprised me, because mine has extra sweetness in my puwa, a daytime snacks, which we used to have in Bal Mandir. I think it was, Saturday that day, when I was enjoying this Bobby, my best friend, was by my side eating her puwa and Shova was in front along with others. Because, if it would not have been Saturday or other school holidays, Bobby & Shova would not have been sitting by my side, while we eat my daytime snacks. They used to go to different schools than I,  and if I had to believe Bobby, hers was not as sweet as mine.

I just did not pay much attention to Shova, who was watching me closely on my face and my reactions to the food. How can I not get it, it's she, who had done something with my puwa, even though she was standing in front of me, her face was brightly lit and she was smiling from ear to ear seeing me enjoying my snacks and at the same relishing seeing me surmised like that.  

Not knowing all this, I was trying to find out, why my puwa was so tasty that day. As I dig deeper inside my mug, with my spoon, I could not see anything unusual to make it sweeter. I was looking for the strands of sugars in fact. The brown sugar, which Shova had put at the bottom of my mug, and then made sure that same gets covered properly by puwa on top. Because the color of the brown sugar and puwa was almost same, so, I just could not guess it why it was so sweet that day.

It was Shova’s tactics to pull me towards her. You know, when we are young, its easy that some people really know how to please us and food is one of the easiest bribe to please children.  All of us were in the same class but Babita and Shova, both were class toppers in their schools and I was not even the distant distant neighbors to the good marks. I guess good marks were just so not happy with me, and honestly, I never have any complaints with them, because I just choose to disagree with them.

My only relations with good marks was, I have close friends, who were good student and loved to feel good about it. In general, its like attracts like and good students are friends with those who are good in studies, but you have to ask them why they were my friends instead of me not  being bright student. 

I was average student, all my student life.

This two friends always wanted me to be just their friend but did not gave me any choice to choose both. They did not verbalized it, but, acted in a way that gave me kind of ultimatum to choose just one; or I am not your friend. My only problem was, I loved them both, wanted them both by my side and needed them both. As a child I did not pay much attention to gap the differentiation between them and even today I can't even remember what was the reason they did not like each other.

I can't remember exactly today, but it may be that, both used to poison about each other and my young brain was not experienced enough to take sides or decide; who was right or who was wrong. So; this created a small problem during my teen years and me swinging with each other. Because, sometimes, I used to end up with Shova and miss the company of Bobby and sometimes with Bobby and then I missed the company of Shova. 

Do I have to spill the bean here that during those times, I was not talking to one of them due to misunderstanding created in between us by the one who was with me. It was the time one of them tried hard to get me back as her close and best friend.

Its some what kind of flattering to know some people will do anything to take me back in their company, but in fact, those try hard moment also tested my own ability to maintain good rapport with both of them. No doubt, I liked their company, both of them were joy to be around, loved me dearly and  were nice and close to me. If Shova used to shower me with bribes like varieties of foods, then, Bobby used to bring me books from her school friends. We use to read books and then discuss about the novel later, besides she was my confidant too, unlike Shova.

It takes time to understand how compatibility and trust matters, more in life; than anything else. Life will be hard to live without the person who can understand you, exactly the way you are, and what you say meant to them exactly the way you mean it. There is nothing relieving, to find a person who reads the same book and can talk about it for hours and finding a person with whom you can share your secrets.

Needless to mention then, at the end, its was Bobby with whom I used to hang up more but Shova remained my good and close friend as long as I was in Bal Mandir, but we three could not be friends at the same time, as a group. However, I never paid much attention or dig deeper, why they could not tolerate each other, because they both were my friends and I like both of them equally.

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