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Sunita Giri 11:17 PM |

 When I was in my preteen years, my classmates and roommates both in Bal Mandir liked pulling my leg with stupid questions for which they said its a jokes. I am still not quite sure why, its is because they thought I am easy to fool or they wanted to pull down the snub side of me ?  But, did I or they were aware of the fact that I was snub then ? maybe just my mind running unnecessarily and digging why in the simple joke, that could have gone just like any other day.

One day, when they asked me a question, I went blank because the question was like this, why ten is afraid of seven ? They expected me to answer it, indeed, faster and then join them in laughter, knowing, how much I like jokes; but I just did not get it. The answer to this stupid sounding question was because seven eight nine. You have to absorb the idea and   pronounce the eight as eat; then you will understand its meaning, or I should say stupid meaning. It really surprised them that, I failed to get the whole funny concept behind it.

Children do learn so many tricks in the school, and they come home with it almost every day and what to say when, there is already more than hundred children who come home with new tricks to share it with their roommates ?  So one day, one of them practicing at the time, when we were busy studying during tuition class. When I was in seventh grade or younger, there used to be a tuition teacher to guide us for our homework in the morning 7:00 am about 8:45 am, before we went to school and in the evening 7:00 pm about 8:30 pm which meant before bed. But suddenly, it stopped when I was in about seven or maybe eighth grade. Since then, the housemother started keeping eyes when we self study in a room, as for guide in our homework, we have to work and consult with each other or the seniors than us.

Me not being much studious girls used to sit with other girls like me, at far right corner of the study room, let's say the talkers corner than that studies corner, at the back of the class. So some time play is also part of our tuition time. Of course the tuition teacher should not know about it but how much attention he can give to the class of about children ?

I was talking about the brand new trick, which came from school. Everyone was playing it ever since it entered the gate of Bal Mandir. That day, as I was watching some girls play it in tuition class, at last my turn came Junkiri, when called me in to play the game, saying I can tell you exactly, how you put the flip flop outside the door. I took the challenge and went out to put the flip flop, hoping she had not seen so won't be able to tell it. When I come back in the room to face the challenge, she took some time to tell me its condition.  I paid close attention to her, because I knew exactly how capable she was to know the truth like that. Knowing her ability to know things without going outside, then she told me exactly the way I had placed it outside.  
I played it repeatedly to understand the game, but yet could not find out how come she can answer exactly how I have placed flip flop outside ? Then, when I could no longer get it all on my own; I asked her straightforward way how come you can tell it ? what is the secret behind it ? When you are a preteen or in your teen years, they reveal the tricks without much fuss.

This trick needed, at least two in the team of a challenger, to carry out the task. Because one or two of them will go out with me. Of course, me without being able to doubt, that the girls are in fact, the informants of the challenger. Its their work to watch closely, what I do with the flip flop, whether, its facing upside or downside or sideways. Two of the girls who went out with me, to see, used to give her the clue of its position, with the help of the sign language or the way she sat on the floor, folding her leg, if its up, the feet palm will be upside in her sitting or if the flip flop was downside then she will sit normal manner, which was the code language, already briefed within the team, before the game began. and then sharing of some glances and some frantic gestures [ from my back], then she used to tell me, as if she had seen it in her mind.
They say smarter you are, easier to fool you, and I have very uneasy feeling about it being so right. Who ever come up with that seven eight nine and ten being scared of seven. But I still can not give my nod for it. I still try to understand, what is there in that to make it funny or a joke ? who decides what joke is ?

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