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I was watching Oprah show years before, where Dr. Mehmet Öz was invited. He was talking about bowel movements and giving us some graphic on the big screen on the stage of our bowel movements. Oprah at one point said, “I never thought I will do a show like this.” At one point Dr Oz stated, it's absolutely normal to pass gas fourteen times a day for.

Well, Dr. Oz’s  that statements make me feel that, as if, I am an unhealthy person. Because I can’t pass gas fourteen times a day; even if I am not counting it. I really have not felt comfortable about it for so long. To tell you the truth, I am never comfortable in front of those people, who shamelessly farts in front of others. One reason may be, I thought this mannerism belongs to some low class family or I had heard all types of sound of fart, when I was growing up in Bal Mandir. But, when I was in my college days, a friend of mine, who acted she is superior than me in so many ways, has shaken the bed with her fart and then she said, “I have gastric”. I have to clarify this, the bed was without mattress as we were about to set it and sitting over it; and then when she let it go, the power of her fart acted like a force of 6.8 scale that shakes earth. Its not easy to forget that, even today after couple of decades have lapsed in the time lane.

It is presumed that gastics is our national disease, and if we are not suffering from this disease, some people even don't hesitate to say, “probably you are not a Nepali.” This is not a joke even doctors don't blink their eyes saying so. Trust me I have some friends who are nurse and they do give me thier inside experience about doctors opinion on this matter.

There is a man in a movie three idiots, who passes gas silently and always blames others for the foul smell. There is also a scene in this movie when the smell became so unbearable inside a car his friends blames him for global warming. Can gas that was passed from human body play such a role to warm our planet ? lets not dig this side as may be for that very reason they were called idiots.

Coming back to Dr. Oz and his belief that one should pass gas about fourteen time it may sound impossible but, I do remember a boy who could pass gas more than fourteen times or thats what I heard. But when I heard about it I just could not believe it. There was a boy in Bal Mandir who was in his teen  years. His name was manohar. There was also a rumour about him and that was based on true rumour  that he used to pass gas counting as many boys as they used to stay in his room.It may sound hard to belive but about 20 boys of his age used to live in that room. He used to point at each other and then used to fart.

Like every where, in Bal Mandir also bad news or meaningless news and views traveled faster than good news and it used  to grip people in its craziness and it used to spread more on into the world of word of mouth. It also could be, maybe nobody had anything to hide from anyone and then it was the time we all were naive and innocent child.

Normally boys story or life were bit of guarded from girls. But, then the nannies were  women, who are good at spreading news and views from one place to another when there was no news channel like today. Even if those news were something that purely should have been limited in bedrooms, even if it was a teenagers bedroom.

but is farting is shameless behavior or if its done by some people who lacks mannerism ?  Recently, I was watching Boston Legal and then I came across this scene :

Dont take it personally, a voice said in a dark room
Then there was a loud sound of fart.
They say it keeps a bad dreams away, another voice said.

Really ? I did not knew about the foul smell having so strong impact on bad dreams.  But Dr. Oz is more compelling when he say a normal man needs to pass gas forteen times even if this is not your national disease. Just wondering if everyone does that will it make it international disease ?

Like it or not, talk of fart if not the sound and smell of it do have power to tickle the funny bones of all age.

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