Corrupted staff & Murphy’s Law

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You must have heard about the Murphy's Law, according to this law some of the things in this universe happens, once in a million time only and the next thing that happens in your life is; that exact same logic. I came face to face with this logic when, I was in school and must have been studying in eighth standard, but then I was not aware about the existence of Murphy's Law. The following incident reminds me of this law. It all happened with the flip of the bed in front of me. Who needs to flip their bed corner, when there is a guest in your home ? I am sure that flip of the bed in front of me falls on this law.

I was very close with my sewing teacher, but calling Krishna Shrestha, as a sweing teacher is not the correct introduction. She was a cutting master, because more than teaching us about the stitches or designs or to make a good dress, rather she used to cut the cloths and we used to run it under the machine, to give it a complete look.

When I was in Bal Mandir, occasionally, Krishna Miss, used to take me or one of us to her home. Mostly, when she had some ‘Bhoj’ at her home. Her ‘Bhoj’ - food delicacies - used to taste a lot better than the bland taste of food, we used to get at the Bal Mandir.

What was the occasion, I can't remember, all I remember is, I was in her home. It must have been long summer days. I was sitting in the biggest room, which served them as multiple purpose. There was a TV, it was also the couples bedroom, it also served as a living room. That day her children were also in the same room.

She has two daughters and a son, but there was another boy also, of her son’s age, who was living with her. She used to tell me, she had two son and they were twins; only that the color of her sons were like day and night. Her biggest daughter Ruby, was about a couple of year younger than me.

As I was staying in a chair, very timidly like any girls from orphanage sits, uncomfortable and uneasy out of my comfort zone, which obviously is Bal Mandir. Blankly staring at the walls and looking at TV that was playing at one side of the room. Krishna Miss, as we used to call her was busy in her work in between kitchen and her four children.

Suddenly, Bobby, her other daughter asked, “mommy, where is my pencil ? I cant find one” “Why don’t you use your brothers pencil ? I am busy now”, she tried to calm her down. But before she could say another line one of her son, who was near by the room responded, “it must be under the mommy’s bed.” Hearing that, Bobby tried to look under the bed but Krishna Miss, stopped her saying, “why not you wait for some time to do your homework ?” Bobby said “No, I have to do this homework now, otherwise it will be late for me to finish my homeworks.”

Krishna Shrestha, is very loving and caring mother, I have ever known. She hardly, raise her voice, when talking to her children. It may be, because, she is the only woman, I have known then with children and how respectfully they treat them, unlike the nannies behaved with us. No wonder, I have huge respect for her. Some where down the line, I used admire her so much, the way she handled her children, as well as how polite she was with us. Then I was drawn towards her due to these virtue of hers without being able to put it in words. It wont be too much to say that, she has got the silk patience.

But, when Bobby wanted to look for her lost pencil again, under her bed; she sternly reprimanded her not to do this. As I mentioned earlier, she hardly lost her patience and she maintains her very good side, specially for outsiders ( in this case I am the outsiders ) it was some thing new, for to me to witness that side of her.

What Bobby did next, stunned her; that did not give her much time to do anything. She flipped the corner of the bed, to look for her lost pencil. That was the moment, I realised why she was trying to frobid Bobby, to look for the lost pencil. Her bed had been made from the cloths which was from Bal Mandir. I can not make mistake recognising it. It was our nighties cloths, I not only wore it daily, but I also made it for all the girls.

Only a couple of weeks ago she had taken leave from her work for about a day or two. She even had shared with me, reason for the leave, she needed to re-do all her bedding's.

I cant remember, whether Bobby found her lost pencil or not. My mind was busy judging her and at the same time not talking about it. Our eyes met and we looked at each other like a stranger. I never spoke about it to her and she never have to give any explanation about it to me tha why she had exact the same cloths of all beds in her home. You know, I am only a girl from Bal Mandir, she is not answerable to me.

Whatever, she is the vary same one, who not just taught us; not to say any one [outsiders] that we are from Bal Mandir, because people will look at you very demeaning way. They will look at you very differently, if you tell them you live in Bal Mandir.

When I look back and reflect about the incident I think, I think about what I was thinking then; when I saw those bed cloths ? She [like other staff] had the mentality to inject this kind of thought in our young head. What she was doing was with all the corrupted mindset, stealing and using things meant for us. Staff at the orphanage stole cloths and food the and they taught us don't feel good about on your skin and who you are and where you live ?

We end up in orphanage not by choice but they steal things from the orphanages with full conscience and that to by choice. In fact, the staff at the orphanage are a lot worse, in terms of their mentality, I mean the dirty and rotten corrupt mentality.

I really want to understand in true sense, what makes them feel, they are any better than us ? Why other people [any body who has never spent time in orphanage] view us demeaning way .

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