He should not be punished for the murder of his friend

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The sight of Prakash, behind the bar; on my TV screen was so haunting. Until today, I have been very fast when it comes to judging people, when they murder. Especially, those who kill their loved and dear ones, but Prakash’s story was different than other murderers.

Prakash, would have easily escaped from that brutal and ruthless murder of Sanjive, if and only if, Sanjive, would not have involved in some fraud case of policy buying from seven different insurance company. But that fraud of him is what needed him to be dead as per the plan.

If one pays the monthly premium regularly, there is nothing wrong buying insurance policy from multiple company, right ? That's what Sanjive’s father thought. Therefore, he went to claim the insurance money after the death of his son. During normal enquiry by insurance company staff, there Sanjive’s father revealed one truth without being aware of the fact, that was the major clue of the murder. Insurance company suspected something cooking in the case.

Taking insurance policy from multiple company is acceptable, but its wrong when one does not declare about it to other insurance company and by default it makes that particular client a fraud. If not declared the truth, an insurance company can go to court against the person, who is claiming it.

Logic of Sanjive’s father was, if his son had paid the monthly premium diligently, even if; he had not disclosed with you about the other company policy, we are still entitled to claim it, because that is our hard earned money for which my son had shed his sweat. Just like me he to did not get it, in the beginning, why insurance company was not willing to give the money, which his son had paid monthly. They had paid hard cash, which they had earned sweating hard. Sanjeve, had ensured himself for a hooping sum of Indian Rs. 10.5 million. His family members, his father and wife were not aware of his insurance documents, until his death.

It seems Sanjive, failed to understand the vary same rule which is clearly written in every company policy’s terms and conditions, not declaring other company’s policy is an act of fraud for which a company can go to the court against the claim. 10.5 million money is a hooping sum of money as a policy, which he had taken for is what made the case even more suspicious, and not declaring it to other company added more to doubt the intention of the death of the insurance client. Some of the policy were taken only months before his brutal murder.

At the time, when he was taking so many insurance policy; he was having sever financial stress as well. He was main bread winner of the family being the only son. He could not see the financial problem his family was facing neither could think of facing it in future.

To get rid from all this; he plotted a murder plan, a murder of his own. He tried to kill himself on road accident, which took place twice within a week, before his cruel murder on his own car. However, that did not went well as planned. Both mock accidents failed. Sanjive, was well aware that suicide case victims, can not claim insurance money. So as a plan B he forced his shakay and unwilling best friend Prakash, to kill him and for that he provoked him so badly. Poor Prakash, chocked under pressure and then stabbed him cold bloddedly.

It was only after his death his father and wife found the policy papers. Within weeks of Sanjive’s death, Prakash, came to collect Rs 90,000/- the loan amount, which Sanjive, had taken from him and in return, had handed him a handwritten letter saying that ‘....I will return it within a week and ‘if in case some thing happens to me during this period my father will give you the money....... When Sanjive’s family went to claim the money, the sharp defectives from special crime division, smelled something in the case and when they mobilized all the networks in the immediate circles of Sanjive’s family and close friends, then they slowly unfolded the plot of self murder by a fraud person. There were so many bills to be paid, which was left by Sanjive; and Rs. 10.5 million was more than enough to clear all the pending bills. Its only that his plan failed.

As every one must be aware of this fact insurance compnay hires the best detective to find out the faul play when their clients tryies to outsmart them for the policy claim but this case was sorted by special crime division on January 2011 almost after four moths later the incident happend. Seven insurance company went to court, because of fraud, which Sanjive, had plotted by not declaring the insurance policy, which he had bought from each company. Each company was not aware about another company’s policy buy. Court ruled the case against Sanjive. But in all this the one who landed behind the bar is Prakash.

Yes, he did murdered his best friend, Sanjive. Just best friend is not enough to describe him. He was more than that as Prakash, admitted meekly everything without hiding anything from beginning to end to sharp interrogating police officers, amid fear and true deep guilt trips, “who I am, where I am and what I am, is all just because of his support.” Sanjive, was his boss too.

When the court ruled the case against Sanjive, the answer is right there in the verdict but it seems that Prakash, is a poor guy from not so well to do family, who could afford expensive lawyers, just like the one; hired by the insurance company to protect them from the fraud clients. Had he been able to afford them, then he would not have ended up his life behind the bar.

Should he get life sentence for the murder of his best friend ? A murder which he never ever wanted to do and was only dragged in the case by his fraud friend. If the court ruled against Sanjive, not to get the insurance claim is not there any court which can rule out his life sentence ?

If prakash, is to get life sentence then court should never have ruled out the insurance claim made by Sanjive’s family. He should not be punishment and the answer is right on the court verdict against Sanjive.

Prakash, is very helpless guy who got trapped in the plan of his shrewd friend. Yes, Prakash; did the unthinkable and very unexpected act as a good friend, like murdering his best friend because he was indebted under the gratuity of his friend. Its just that he obeyed an order from his boss and best friend, who dragged him, to murder self. The price Sanjive, asked, was much more than Prakash, ever could imagine; his whole life behind the bar.

Note : Sanjive, had chosen a date of his own death on October 4, 2010, but that happened only on October 17, 2010. In January 2011 the case was moved to special crime division from local police and then the above story of Sanjive, was unfolded. This incident happened in India.

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