Super nanny Kunti Didi

Sunita Giri 12:49 AM |

Kunti Didi, was a nanny, she was the head nanny of the small children’s room. There used to be about four room nannies, for a room full of children, which had about fifteen or sixteen infants. It was more, if you see that there used to be only two for about eighteen to twenty preteens and only one for the same number of teen boys or girls room.

There in this room, there used to be about eight or nine young children, who were younger than a year old, many children a little over a year old and remaining, all toddlers. It sure was not easy to handle all of them. Because when an infant cries all cries at the same time asking for attention, and needs to be taken cared of.

Kunti Didi, could pacify four childldren, at the same time. One on her shoulder, two on her big lap, which she used to spread widely; to accommodate two young infants on her lap, and one at nearby floor.

She used to give them, oil massage, daily under the warm sun, regardless of various seasons summer or winter. Today, its scientifically discovered, that oil massage under the sun makes the bones of young children very healthy and sturdy. The sun is regarded very good source of vitamin D also, even for adults. After that she along with other nanny used to put powder all over the children's body and then, they were properly wrapped on clean clothes. When it comes to giving young children bath, she was the most sought after nanny. She in fact was super nanny.

Others, used to help her in many works. I do remember her clad in heavy ethnic ornaments, on her nose and ears especially. I am quite not sure; where exactly she is from and her marital status, but in my vague memory, I think; she was a Thankali by caste and perhaps for that reason she was tall compared to other nannies, who were mostly Tamangs or Magars. She looked very sturdy, and was average looking woman. But when it came to taking care of small children, she was at her best, with so much warmth in her heart. No body could handle or pacify those young infants, more tenderly the way she did. Others did the job as they were handed to do the job; but for her its more than job. She liked the job and did it so well, beyond any body's expectations. She loved every child so dearly and when it comes to taking care of them, so carefully, she should not be blamed for any partiality.

Yet, like every body has a weak spot, she also had a weakness. She too had her heart set on one child; her favourite child, among all the children, she took care for many years. Her name was Aruna. She loved her so much that, when some couple used to come to visit her room for adoption, to take a look at; for a prospective child, she used to hide her, fearing they would pick her up first.

This went on for couple of years, but as days pass by Aruna, grew fast and started wandering out of warmth of her lap and she moved on to sleep on crib and started taking wobbly steps, Kunti Didi could hide her no more under her shawls and then, during those years; she was adopted by a foreign couple.

Just cant help thinking, what would have Aruna, thought; if she could have missed the adoption. But children lived in her room until they were about five and then before they joined the nursery school, they were moved to other rooms and some couple still adopt child about five or six year old.

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