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Junkiri [Tamang] was just back from the prayer room and then was busy telling a long story to Radha, Chhaya and Dibya. She was busy telling her story to these teen girls just outside the prayer room. It was the evening time. I had gone to play outside with other friends of mine and now came back looking for Dibya and Junkiri; they were my close friends at that time frame.

As I told you Junkiry was was busy telling them story, what she had seen in her mind, while she was praying, which lasted only a little more than a ten minutes . But then, she has been telling this story to these girls for more than 20 minutes now. This baffled me. The main hero of her story was a guy named Govinda and he was all over in her story as he was doing all the heroic act in her, perhaps she was mixing some Hindi movies masala here, that too she had not got a chance to see more than five by now. In fact five is too high number for anybody growing up in Bal Mandir. She must not have crossed more than three by that time. But her imagination knew no bounds to keep these girls busy in her narration. In this story she was the lead character and then the boy named Govinda was paired with her as her love interest. The boy, saved her from all the troubles, she went through. She in fact was the princess of the sea world and then there were villains, who without a doubt were the housemothers or the supervisor at the Bal Mandir. She even had told these girls that, “you know, you Radha was dancing, moving your head beautifully behind that tree and you Chhaya and Dibya were singing the song, she was dancing and it was very very beautiful song.”

Govinda, was a boy with a small head and his color was  dark. He was lean and thin boy. He probably was studying in ninth or tenth grade then.  I just could not see, what Junkiri used to see; any thing that is called attractive in him. But to her he was the most attractive person, so she choose him to be there in her story.

As she was telling her story I got impatience. Ever since I was a child I never liked  fiction made up story just gets in to my nerve and cant enjoy it anymore not even today. I like only real story that has touch in reality. So wanted to leave them with her imaginary world ; but before I left I said, “how come your imagination is longer than the pray itself ?” she did not pay much attention to what I said, but Radha didi, did not like what I said, so she said to me, from her behalf; “see, not every one can elaborate story like her, and at the same time keep busy others in her talk. Its her art, that's she is good at. Can you do this ?” I just stared here and then decided to leave them in that meaningless fiction world of hers; which only made me wonder as a teenager.

Hallucination : Hallucinations involve sensing things that aren't there while a person is awake and conscious. Just a couple of weeks back, I find myself talking to experts of the spacial school. A friend of mine, runs a special school for differently abled  children along with his wife. His wife is in fact, expert in real sense in this field. Because my friend wanted me to write, designing and consult on other aspects of making a brochures for his school that required me to listen to him and the other experts of his school and then to his wife. More I listened to them, more it got me wonder. Or to be honest, it make me understand some of my childhood friends in a lot better way. I knew Junkiri hated going to school. She failed many times during her student life and stayed in a class for more than 2 years at times she was in a class for three years also. It took her about 16 years to complete the normal school education; that normally takes only 10 years.  She never finished her S.L.C. also. There are many kind of disabilities. Her case was associated with learning disability. She will make you laugh when she says some of the simple Nepali words and then laugh hard when she tries to tell you some thing in English. But her visual memory was astounding or she used her imagination is another aspect here which I can not remark much then. Some times she tells me the story of the time when I was in Bal Mandir and the way she tells me story makes me wonder, where was I when all that happened ? She swears that I was there in Bal Mandir. But then why I did not know what she knew ? why ?

Did she used her imagination ? or that was she hallucinated all the time ? Experts use the term hallucination to things that happened, when a special child specially some autistics goes through all that phase, which confuses a normal person in normal condition. Most of the autistic child also have learning disability.

Meaning of Hallucination :  a sensory experience of something that does not exist outside the mind, caused by various physical and mental disorders, or by reaction to certain toxic substances, and usually manifested as visual or auditory images.

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