Why Bernhard looks so Handsome ?

Sunita Giri 3:47 AM |

It could have been late 89 or the beginning of  90 when I got  a man from Switzerland to sponsor my college bill.  It was kind of first of its kind at that time. I was really lucky to get this opportunity. Without his support, I could have finished my college education with so much difficulty. He just made this whole process a total cakewalk [financially].

Honestly, I just dont remeber, when did I first see him. It must be the same year in 90, it self or a year later. As there is Ruth [his wife] on the picture of that year, which I have but Bernhard is missing in all the pictures. I find this pretty strange, I don't have his picture, specially with me, even though he played a huge role, shaping my future. When I was in college he came every year to see us and in two of those occasion he came here in Nepal for less than 22 hours and before the clock touched 24 hours he was out of the country.

Bernhard Rutz was tall and strong built as any european man would be. His height or weight is not much of the issue in my case here. He already had full white hair, when I saw him about 22 years ago. he looked so handsome with his radiant smile, dynamic personality and the touch of that kind look in his eyes just too much to make him so handsome. In my beginning years, although I did not get it then, but he was kind of first person in my life who loved me and made me feel I mean something to him. Nobody acted and expressed that I mean anything to anyone.

He used to bring lots of gift to me and Dhana [older brother of one of the adopted daughter]. Apart from all those gifts, he used to send Ruth with us to buy some stuff for us. On one of such occasion, what I remember so vividly is; Madam Ruth asked some money with him, before heading for shopping with us. He did not pull some bucks and then handed her the money, but he handed her, his wallet. That kind gesture really stayed in my heart [& mind] forever. He spoke very kindly and I loved the sound whenever he spoke. His that swiss-german twang. Now his English is more fluent and does not remind me of his that earlier twang, which I loved so much.

One of the reason I love him and respect him so much is also because; he loves everyone [ children from Bal Mandir then]. Now after 20 years later, he has his own foundation to help support hundreds of children here in Nepal and he help run an orphanage also with the help of Nepali Social workers. He is as energetic and dynamic as he was in 20 years back. He looks equally handsome after all this years. Good for him, the color of hair has not changed and that radiant smile on his face and kind look in his eyes whenever he asks, “how are you ?” and “how is everything going here ?” to young children in his trust run orphanage, really touch anyone’s heart.

Its not that guys are not good looking and eye candy, but they are all on the screens not in real life. Should this surprise me [ or anyone else], why I hardly bump with handsome guy ? Perhaps it's really been blurred in all these year the definition of handsome at least in my mind.

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