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Just a couple of months ago, I have my hands on Shakespeare's story collection. All  of the story was undoubtedly love story and most of the characters in his plots, fell in love when they were so you young. Yet, I guess you have come across in your life this type of lines.

“You are only 15,  what do you know about love ? Do you even know,  its long term effect in your life ?” or “she is only 16, so young to fall in love.” You must have heard this kind of things in your life many times whatever your age is, unless you are just too young to understand what love is.

A cuple of weeks ago, a lady at this cyber, where I work daily, was telling the guy on the counter about a young lovebirds and how they committed suicide. They tied together and walked in Sundarijal [river], just because their parents did not permit them to marry; citing they were just so young [still in school] and also the differences of their status in the society. Well, will the regretting parents will get those young life back ? even if they pour their hearts out, crying for their dead child ?

Well intentioned parents or experts keep advising young children to wait, until they get mature enough to know, its effects in thier life before they fall in love. I keep reading this experts column on my daily, suggesting youngsters not to fall in love, when you are in your teen years.

Then, the question comes, what is the right age to fall in love ? When I was in college, a friend of mine used to tell me her breakup story. How the guy broke her heart and how painful time it was for her to recover, and how her friends helped her in all this process. that too just before her SLC exam. To make it more amusing [to me ], she never forgot to mention that; she was going through a dasha phase, named Vrammhani Dasha. It just amused me so much. what this dasha has to do with [her] broken heart ?

Then she used to give me her analysis on it; saying  that, “now its too late for us to fall in love”; we both were in your early 20s then. While listening her, it was so hard for me to believe what she was saying. I am single even today and I really have not been in touch with her to give you her status.  No doubt, she was a lot more brilliant and wiser than me, to give me her analysis. She added again that, “we are now, just old enough to understand what is good and what is bad and who is right and who is wrong for us. You should not be at that age to know all that, when it really comes to falling in love.”

Now, my mind is traveling back, back to the time, when I myself, was in my teen years. I was a tomboy, so boys never succeed to pull my attention towards them. Well, honestly speaking, not entirely. But when I was in about eight grade, I had a friend, more precisely saying  a roommate named Devi Budhathoki. Both of us were in our early teen years. She had her bunker next to me, so naturally, one day before we went to sleep, she told me her affair, with a boy. Having been in relationship with a boy, she knew others of her class and rooms were also having their relationship with other boys. But the difference between Devi and other girls in Bal Mandir, was that they used to call their boyfriends ‘Dai’, which means big brother and yet they were having affair with the boy [man] spoiling pure relationship between a brother and a sister.

“I am not like them”, she said to me, and continued “.... Dev is my boyfriend, I love him and so he does love me too. There is no doubt, we will marry, when we grow up.” Devi was telling me. I was listening her quietly; as I have nothing to say on that relationship. Besides, I had not seen Dev also. This boys lived nearby the Bal Mandir area. For teen boys living surrounding the Bal Mandir area was the heaven to find beautiful girls and potential lovers. They just hovered in the gate and lured some girls. I guess, it was easy to lure young girls in Bal Mandir as all they had to do was to buy  some cheap stuffs to lure them.

Unlikes these girls, I was very aloof person, while growing up in Bal Mandir and was too much focused in reading my books. Oh ! no, no. Not for for course books, just junk Indian novels and other kind of Indian magazines. Because, that was all  available to read. They did not provide us good books, so that we could bury ourselves.

Its been more than 20 years, since then and recently, when we gathered up at the gettogether picnic, Shova [ a close friend of Devi ] told me that, the couple sure did marry, almost immediately; after Devi left Bal Mandir and then they have a son too who goes to college now.

Her story really makes me think that, when people tells you not to fall in love when you are too young it only makes me think what do they know about it ? because there is not tryed and tested method to work, right ? and there no perfect way. Like that formal of a mathematics  that work for all like here in case of love.

So, dear it's your life, take a chance and live it with somebody you want to spend rest of your life.

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