Lost and Found

Sunita Giri 8:27 PM |

I remember one particular piece of a story, my English teacher told our class, when I was in college. It was for the policy of lost and found. I cant remember much of that story, but one thing, what I remember very clearly is, if we find some thing which we want to keep it for ourself; all we have to do is, to ask in a lowest voice possible, so that no body in the crowd hears you. It will be handy because, you have asked in front of all and nobody came to claim it. Once you are done with that, you can keep it. But if you don’t like to own it, go and handover it to police or any responsible person who will ultimately handover it, to its rightful owner.

When I was in Bal mandir, I was allergic to dust [ which I am still ] to the max and no wonder, it used to make me so sick, most of the time. The dust allergy used to give me runny nose all the time, during winter seasons so, Vick's and inhaler was some thing, I have to have by my side on regular basis. As I told you, I was in Bal Mandir. Some times, we could not have some basic things, like Vicks and inhaler of our own. It was not that we were barred, from the easy access to the medicines, its only it was not for personal use.

Durga Pokharel, was younger than me and was like my sister. Okay, calling her like sister is some thing not very much understanding and giving much respect to her feelings. The mother side of a woman like loving and taking care of others, grew faster in her preteen and then teen years. Luckily, it was me, she was mothering; so undoubtedly; it was she who used to love me more than I. She was kind of caretaker for me and loved me like anything. One day, when she gave me a nose-inhaler I was surprised, so I asked her, “from where she got it ?” she said, she had found it but the story behind that finding is pretty interesting.

It belonged to other girl, lets call her Shanti. “..... It just had fallen from her hand, then I stepped on it [to hide] the Vicks inhaler. I kept standing there and pretending I had not seen it.” when the whole time she was standing on it.

She is nice to all and does not talk to anyone with loud tone and manner. Respects all and expects the same kind of behaviour from others too. She being very decent and docile person and has very unsuspecting character also to bluff others at times like this.

I asked her, “...how can you say that, this is what you found ? then she replied very innocently, “…..well she lost it and I found it.”

This is ridiculous and more ridiculous than that, was; I used that as my personal properly since then; as as she had found it for me; right ?

I bet, you have not heard any funnier story than this, about lost and found.

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