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 “You hate men” she said in a manner, she wanted me to admit it rather than I answer the question. I looked at her for some time, thinking; why she thinks, she knows me more than I know myself ? I have no answer to this question. I did not reacted to her comment, because she was wrong in her presumption and whatever I say something, she says; I like to disagree with her.  But how can she presume it ? May be she is a lot older than me, she is already grandma, she has two young grandchildren. Maybe , because of her age it's natural for her to presume, that she knows me better, than I know myself, just because she is older than me ! Really ?

As a child, I grew up believing strongly on that line, grey hair is not sign of wisdom. and I at the age when I myself is on grey hair bracket, that child is not dead yet.

Do I really have to hate men ? I don't hate men but more than than I don't need to hate them; but, men who believe that they are superior sex, has to face my strong opinion on this matter, which is not going to make them feel comfortable around me, including women who already bought the false believe in them like the above lady.

My superiority does not lie, in thinking; I am better sex than men. Their inferiority gives me full muse at the same time.

Today, I know for sure that, I am a hardcore feminist; but as a schoolgirl, I did not knew about this fact about me and had not got a chance to read much book on this subject matter to understand why I hated them teasing me ? I was not lucky to find wise adults around me to tell me why I hated boys treating us mere as a teasing subject. Like every school girls, I too had to go through this phase, of facing the boys of my class for teasing us.

“You are rude”

“This is me, if you don't like what I say, and how I say it; then listen it with a flower in one hand and a cake with candle light in your other hand”, was the prompt response snapped up by the two young school boys. Maybe its Raju and Sanu Babu, because they were the ones, who kept repeating it again and again to annoy girls, but not limiting there, because they used the same dialogue, to their classmates also for any given chance to win their argument. And with that line they laughed hard like anything; every time they passed these rude comments. Some other boys came forward and made slight changes on the line and then again laughed, while saying it repeatedly; every time they were told, you being so rude. More it annoyed me or the other girls, more it amused them, and they had the fun of their life.

My guess today, is some girl in the class, must have complained with the top line, for their misbehavior and Raju or Sanu my classmates, when I was in school, must have replied such absurd answer.

Like all the boys, they were childish in their own way, naughty and enjoyed teasing girls for no reason. But where on earth boys need reasons to tease girls ?  Although, I do not remember, punching boys on nose or bleeding anyone for teasing me, pulling my skirt  or my hair, I was intolerant to the max towards boys or men who thought, they can feel comfortable by teasing me and I went on to any level to tell them that you are not going to enjoy for your act.

I hated being teased by boys. I hated it, when I was in school and in college, but what perplex me more is, I still have to face the same kind of teasing by men of different age, even today; when I have long passed my  school and college days.

I see some girls and ladies take it so easily as if its a light manner, but, I have not grown much from my school days time when it comes to be still rigid and not accepting it, like lighter side of men and take it easily.

I still have hard time being comfortable with Sanu, Raju or for this matter to the most of the guys, I grew up with; or I find myself surrounded by. I am still the one, a girl, an object that will give them joy or fun and nothing more than that. I still get mad and angry, when they trying to find nothing more than fun around me instead of  wisdom; that I can bring to any issue I talk and seek joy not the sense in what I say.

Why can't I gel well with men, who has this kind of attitude ? or what's wrong to let them tease me and have fun and flow with the river ? I like to keep a good distance from men who find me beautiful. Maybe this is their angle, that needs to be appreciated, maybe I am really beautiful, I need to accept the truth and be thankful to the nice comments pass on me by men as women are not going to tell this to me; but I am more than what meets eyes. I tell them, “go find somebody; who will squeal with this kind of remarks.”

And you know what, I am not even apologetic for being blunt !

Some think, I hate men, like the lady above but that is not true, I am uncomfortable around the men who treat women like mere sex object and if not, then just the one who has to obey the rules and orders men make.

Its Okay to have a good relationship with everyone in our life, whom we have to deal in day in and day out   life, including men of all age. But, how come girls [ women ] let the men tease them, allow them to treat us with less respect, accept it easily that we are only for fun and joy; and at the same time expect them to treat us as an equal gender ?

Because, in my opinion this is where men start thinking, we are mere sex object, made for fun and joy ride. So why on earth, they needed to work out on equal rights for women ?

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