Tongue Wagers

Sunita Giri 10:01 PM |

 It was the the after the the queen's visit in Bal Mandir when I was a teenager. On her visit she had picked up two young children for ‘sponsorship’, meaning ‘she’ will be totally ‘responsible’ for their education in future. But Jyoty Ghale and Hom Bahadur who have not started even their nursery school yet had a long way to go in college. I am quite not sure about the Jyoty's parents or under which condition she had landed in Bal Mandir but Hom’s father was severely gingered and he himself was rehabbed in an institute in Jorpati based disabled organisation.

We have seen the man, whenever he came to see his son. He used to visit his son even though he was on all his four. His leg was not strong enough to support him standing or walking. Now, I am guessing that maybe he was not even suffering from polio, because polio stricken people have the week leg yet with the help of leg supporter they normally can walk but Hom’s father body also was twisted badly although my  memory power is failing to support my image of him but one this is very sure he could not walk and he had to drag himself on all his four to move from here to there.

So this was the reason all the nannies started talking, saying, his father must have done some good work in his past life, to get a person like queen to pick his son for all his education and may be more. His son, is lucky and he will do all the good to eradicate what he may have done in the past.

Nannies, in Bal Mandir were unanimous in their blind believe, that we landing up there; was purely, because of our past life’s deed, and it directly meant; we did not do, any good work in our past lives.

Today, when I am full grown finished my college, and at the same time those young children Jyoti and Hom also finished their college. They are now all on their own, Royal era is long gone; why I say royal era is long gone the whole royal family was massacre long time back in 2001 June. Today when i really want to understand the whole scenario, it  Really strikes me to think, was that true ? they were lucky because they were picked up by queen or we all are lucky to landed up in Bal Mandir.

Yes, these two children got a chance to visit royal palace on the numerous occasions, in the coming years and that meant many visit to their classmates also who ‘touched’ queens and other royal members. But apart from that, I really have not heard any good news about those two, who was picked up by queen for their educations or now in their respective field, in doing some extraordinary work, who were from bal Mandir. They are as good and as bad; than any other person, who ever lived in Bal Mandir.

To me, in real sense Bal Mandir is a temple as its later word means; and this is the place on earth, where we can find all kinds of people. I mean good, bad and worse. But some are as good as GOD. It gives us the chance to see the shade  of like and also helps us to see the life. We the needy one, those who needed there to take care for our day-to-day need yet, they cursed us heavily or believe that we are the curse; when, we were the reason they got the job, and then there are those who are so corrupt that they steals from the things meant for us but won't miss the chance to say that you are just the ‘beggars’ and those royal members, who established Bal Mandir, and those donors and sponsors; mostly from abroad, who took care of the things, we needed in our daily life and made sure we get life, I mean better life than that was purely meant for unlike otherwise the belief held by who believe in Karma, and its effect in our life.

Although, my mind always clashes with each other, when it really comes to Karma and its effects; however unlike the belief held by nannies and housemothers and indeed most of the staff and people who surrounded me while I was growing up, I was lucky to find myself in Bal Mandir, and then getting an opportunity to know  person like Bernhard. It seems to me that, some people only have tongue to wag but not brain to use so that they can think and find some of the perplexing questions answer in life.

Had I not landed in Bal Mandir, I would not have known those nannies, housemothers, those staff at the NCO and then Bernhard. Bernhard is the best thing, that ever happened to me, in my life; who changed my life; in so many ways and it happened, purely, because I once was in Bal Mandir.

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