The Blue Hand

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Its really not easy for me today, to remember exactly; who brought that story in, about the blue hand.  As children go to different schools in Bal Mandir, once they reach eighth grade, its hard to guess from which school it entered. Most of the children in Bal Mandir, go to the school that is inside the premises, until they are seventh grade.

The good news about children going to different schools, when there are too many children at one place is, one get a chance to learn so many things, from so many people who are of same age; just like this blue paw story. Today I get it, what I failed to understand when I was young and innocent.

The Blue hand, seems to be the story of a scary movie at that time, but I am quite not sure about it. It also could be, a story read by some school age children, who passed it to his or her friend and that traveled to Bal Mandir one day. The story line, did not have much of attention pulling capacity for me and while the narration of it scared to death most of the teen and pre-teens in Bal Mandir, it almost did not have any effect on me. Oh my God, does not this mean; I was so fearless, ever since I was a young girl !

The story mostly came alive, just when the darkness was around. For example at night immediately after the pray time. A group of children, used to huddle up in a bunch, almost every time one narrated the story, of blue hand, which was very horrible looking and smeared in blood. It used to scare the children hell out of their guts, and that it also made some children pee on their pants or some skirt. They screamed in unison in horror, and then they used to scared to death to go to the toilet area after that, because where there were almost no light on the way, except inside the toilet and sometimes, some urchin used to switch off the light of toilet for better effect of the story. The sounds of scared children, used to shook the area thoroughly.

Because, the story had traveled from one group to another group, and one room to another room, so everyone had their own twist on it, to this story and different narration to different group or as time passed by. But everyone was true to its horror part, which at the end of the story kills the main character, due to the blue hand haunting it everywhere.

You see, its a mind game; right ! Just like that, the horror of it stayed in the mind of young children for long, and after that just one word ‘blue hand’ during the night time in the later days and months did the whole trick. For many of the girl it helped them to finish their pee, of course in the toilet, faster than the usual time, it normally needed. Sorry, here I don't know much of the boys side of story. Some could not sleep at night for long and some just could not think of going alone in the toilet or outside without a companion even when the toilet at night was in less than two minutes distance.

Anyway, when we were young and teenagers, going even to toilet during the day time was something, we always needed one or more than one companions. Our best friends always joined us, because they just could not resist the good time we used to have, as it was long way from our rooms or our study room, so we could share so many things during that small  walk up to the toilet.

Those extra company gave us courage to face the darkness and keeping ourselves busy in our talk, kept us away from those imaginary ghost, which was the creation of some lone soul’s imagination to self destruction.

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