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We keep reading celebrities, specially Hollywood celebrities, dying of the over dose of drugs like Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger etc. In my case drug overdosed is something, that is stamped, in my early childhood memory and perhaps the one I was so young enough to remember events as such, as it is very daunting one, of all my childhood memories.

We were very small then, I could have been about five or six years old. It was morning time and just the beginning of the winter vacation, around 8:15 am or so. There used to be one separate room for daily medical checkups in the orphanage, I was growing up.

That particular day, the medical room was unattended by the sister - medical assistant, for about, may be 10 - 15 minutes. Where she had gone, we children had no idea, but she had left all the medical drawers open when she had left. Were about 6 - 10 children, who had been in that room and some of the children started taking some medicines, a white color tablets, which shape was round. Perhaps, it was Citamol tablets. One girl, whose name was Urmila, who was as old me; liked the taste of that tables so much. So, she chewed some; and more she chewed, more she liked and swallowed all the tablets she chewed.

Other children, also started taking some tablets, whatever they could find in the drawer. I also have chewed some, but I did not like the taste, as much as Urmila liked it, so, I spat it immediately and for the very reason; I did not take or swallow any other tablets.

When, the sister, came we ran out of the room as children of that age do. We used to take our morning meal at before 9 am. Schools were closed, for the winter vacation. Before 10 am Urmila had started foaming, from her mouth but she was hiding from fear also as other children were scared so they did not report it to the room nanny. But, some how the room nanny got the news and there were hustle and bustle for some time. Other children also started foaming but by this time the color of the Urmilas’ face had become so blue and purple. She along with other children were rushed to the hospital.

Before noon, the news came; Urmila, had succumbed to death, due to the over dose of medicines. I did not see her face after she was rushed to the hospital; perhaps adult knew what not to share with children of my age. But I still remember her face. She was angelic looking girl and had the haircut just below her ear and with a fringe touching her eyebrows.

Oh ! yes, after that, there was another sister, but I cant remember; both sisters ( medical Assistance ) name.

One thing for sure, today I am still not very much fan of any medicines, specially oral and avoid it to the abnormal height. Sometimes i think i should ask expert is this ok to avoid this much of medicine ? I am quite not sure, this has anything to do with my childhood memories and my room mates death. Whatever the reason may be, its clear that, I hated taking medicine since I was a small child.

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