Pranksters and their victims

Sunita Giri 11:05 PM |

Junkiri and Parbati Magar, intently watched Anita Thapa, a seventh grader, taking out all the barks of a slim stick, with so much hard work, which she had pulled from a branch of a tree. Then she dipped the stick, on the open drain and then she saw, Shyam Sundar, in a distance. She called her with the gesture and then invited him to play tug of war. In fact, word invited, is not the right word, she had challenged him saying, come on lets play the tug of war and see who wins.

Once he took the challenge, she was holding the other end of the stick and let him catch the remaining part, which he greedily caught from the almost touching her hand, hoping to win easily. But once she started pulling the stick, he was so surprised the stick just slithered in his hands and at no time, he lost the control over the stick as he lost grip from the stick. It did not took him much time to figure out, that he had been cheated, with dirt's on the stick.

He got furious, and started chasing her. She started running like crazy.This run and chase game lasted for about ten to twelve minutes, but to her it seemed like hours. Ultimately, she was able to outran him. The big lawn was surrounded by big trees and bushes which made it easier for her to run and hard for him to find her.

Her others friends and class mates, who wore watching them play the tug of war laughed hard and then rolled on that lush green carpeted lawn with so much fun.

Anita Thapa, was very sharp girl, contrary to this boy, who was deaf and spoke in a way you can hardly figure out, what he was trying to say, unless you were his close family circles. His intelligence was average and who wore thick glasses. He could not attend schools for higher educations due to his disabilities.

When Shyamsunder’s mother came to know about this prank, she was so mad not only with Anita, but all the girls in that orphanage ( Balmandir ). She started using all the words in the dictionary or out of dictionary to curse orphans. Luckily none of the girls ever, got a hint of the words she used.

Years later, whenever the incident was mentioned, they all laughed and it really rekindled the fun moment of their childhood.

Radha Pandey, used to catch releasing gas on her fist and then mostly used to released it on the nose of a girl named Mira Upadhayaya, who was mildly, mentally retarded. When she released it, she used to hold the victim girl very tightly and then keep her hands on her nose so that she won’t be able to escape easily, and then slowly used to release the smell, making sure that she inhales most of that foul smell.

Radha Pandey, was normal teenager with average intelligence and she used to pick up an abnormal teengirl ( mentally retarded ) to have fun. But some times, of course, she used to pull the same prank to other girls too, who ever was nearby her, whenever the gas came. They could only figure it our after inhaling it, in very suffocatingly held nostril by her cupped hands, then she released the smell slowly as per her own timing.

I could have been very young because I can remember only one name among the crowd, who gave me that ‘big belun’, when I was a child, we used to call ‘belun’ for a baloon.

Some big girls, who were only on their late teens, saw me blowing it. What followed was something, which I had not expected. There were war of words going on with big boys and girls. Girls were verbally attacking boys for the rude act. Specially, Balkrishna Dai, who had given me that ‘big belun’ to play. Some body snatched my ‘belun’ and throw it on the face of Balkrishna, who gave it to me to play. I was not quite happy loosing my ‘belun’. Somebody consoled me, that they will give me, more bright and colorful ‘belun’ someday.

I really have to wait years to understand, why they made me to throw that ‘big belun’. Did he really pulled prank on me or I am really naive and young enough to understand the mischievous act which he did when he was a teenager ?

I am not sure, I will ever get the answer !

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