Ikebana - an art of flower arrangement

Sunita Giri 11:43 PM |

When I joined, The Everest Hotel, back in 1996, the flower kept on the front desk pulled my attention. Of course, the bunch of flower looks beautiful, anywhere and anyhow, yet for some unexplained reason some thing was nagging me. I simply could not figure it out what was that.

Chinia Kaji, the man, who arranged the flowers, was not only very decent and humble man but also was very experienced in his work. He has spent twenty plus years in this line of work. He has been doing the work ever since the Hotel had stared, under the world renowned hotel chain management - Sheraton group of Hotels. Before that, he used to arrange flowers in Prime Ministers office. Still, the flowers, which he arranged kept pulling my attention. Of course, not for good reasons.

There was some thing missing, his arrangement was missing the basic rule of flower arrangements. But, what makes me to pinpoint, because, he has years of experience in this line than me. How can I say this, I could not figure it out.

His style of flower arrangement is going to remind me of something, something which, I have forgotten, totally; I am not known, for very good memory power. This also became clear once I Joined the hotel and my bosses started complaining about my absent mindedness.

One day, I mentioned about the flower arrangement, to my boss, Subhashini Rana, who was Sales Executive and also added that, its lacking something. We were about the same age, so, we could talk about anything. She was the only one in the hotel, I have revealed; that I grew up in an orphanage.

It so happened that, she had done some training of ‘Ikebana’, a Japanese art of flower arrangement, from a Japanese lady, years before.

She started taking about the training  and also when she had done that training. When she was talking, I was surprised to learned that I have done the same training and by coincidence from the same lady also at the same time.

Except, I had got the training in Bal Mandir, the orphanage, where I grew up, along with others. The same lady used to take classes to other interested group of people, but this particular group was, more posh class of society.

I have done the Ikebana training, which I have totally, forgotten; and Chiniya Kaji, the flower arranger of the five star hotel's, his lacking basic rule for flower arrangement had reminded me of that training, but only after I talked about it with my boss.

Oh ! I have almost forgotten to mention the missing rule which pulled my attention, when you arrange flower there has to be triangle shape on the arrangement, which his arrangement lacked and is a must and a basic rule of this art.

When I was in the Bal Mandir, it was under the royal family and they were the ones,who used to look after us. They made sure, we get so many training, so that it will help us later on in our life as part of survival skill. For us those were the survival skill and for my boss it was a hobby.

Ikebana, was one of many training, which I have learned during my childhood. When Royals was the one who was running the orphanage in association with UK royal family, days were a lot better for orphans like me.

But today, there are news, government shows their back, when it comes to do some thing to orphanages, which faces financial crisis, refusing to take any responsibilities, for those who need help.

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